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Lohan: I'm not addicted to shopping

Posted Nov 17 2008 11:50pm

I hate to admit it, but there are many times when I will watch entertainment programs or read magazines like the National Enquirer in order to hear some good celebrity gossip. One of the biggest issues that many celebrities deal with is with managing their finances. Celebrities are prime candidates for problems because they often do not have the time or knowledge to properly deal with their finances and they also have a lot of public and private pressure to keep up with their peers.

Within the last month there was a big rumor going around that Lindsay Lohan had a shopping addiction:

" Lindsay Lohan has hit back at claims she is undergoing hypnotherapy to overcome a $1 million a year shopping addiction."  READ MORE >>  

Sometimes it is easier to accept our own problems if we see other people dealing with the same issue. It can be more difficult to accept that you have a problem with shopping addiction, because compared with other addictions, there is not much of a negative stigma realted to a shopping addiction. While Adults with ADD may make poor shopping and money management decisions due to their impulsive nature, compulsive shopping reaches a deeper level. Here are some warning signals that you might have a compulsive shopping problem:

1. Buying items that you do not need or items that you have never used.

2. Hiding purchases from family and friends or lying about how much money you spent.

3. Borrowing or stealing money from others to shop.

4. Your purchases are causing issues with work or home life.

If any of these warning signs apply to you or you feel you might have an issue with compulsive shopping please go the the debtors anonymous web site below.

If you would like to learn more about this subject please visit the following websites:

P.S. - I would like to thank Douglas at The Splintered Mind for this catagory suggestion.

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