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LinShuHao sharply reduced the outside shot,

Posted Dec 27 2012 2:38am
but choose the more close to the basket attacks. This not only let him become more aggressive, but also improve the shooting. The second day, LinShuHao many breakthrough the basket inroads, personal get 10 points. When the second half began, LinShuHao still played very firmly, air max 2012 multiple use of breakthrough manufacturing scoring opportunities, and free throw line. Plus haddon on the offensive end good condition, "haring combination" outbreak let the rockets lead reached more than 30 points. Fourth, the bull with a bench offensive, will lag behind points gap down to ten points. Especially nate Robinson, he in the process for scored four points, lit the bulls stuck together vigour. air max 2012 mens At the moment, is to stand up LinShuHao, see his firmly the ball will be shipped to the front, in the face of Robinson's defense, LinShuHao a stepped up, straight process the basket score big plate. The ball not only hold the mentality, but also a setback "small potato" down. Since then, the rockets' offense back on track, well we win this game.Through the data, we found that LinShuHao in recent five games of the performance is very good, averaged 13.4 points and 6.8 assists, and field goal percentage is 50%. At the same time, we might as well will he recent data and New York knicks starting point guard Raymond felton - a comparison. The same is nearly five games, felton averaged 16.6 points, but only 4 assists, shooting 40.4%, three point shooting is low to only 16.7%. air max 2012 womens In the earlier today when the Christmas wars, felton and drag the knicks back, the only 5 for 19, only get 10 points. In fact, the LinShuHao and felton comparison, since this year since the offseason is not interrupted. Earlier this season, felton in discussing the question had said: "LinShuHao and I are not comparable in between, I stay in the league time longer." Implication: elder brother is and Chris Paul [micro bo], deron Williams in the NBA [micro bo], but also took the NCAA championships. LinShuHao qualifications is too shallow. But when this season after the third schedule, we found that the two point guard performance trajectory appears to reverse attitude, cheap air max 2012 felton is first high low, LinShuHao is YueZhanYueYong. Is also against the bulls game, felton in para kirk hinrich, almost let opponents hit "three double" (16 points and nine rebounds, eight assists), the knicks finally lost 4 points; Today the rockets and the bulls game, not only high efficiency LinShuHao got twenty points and 11 assists, and only let kirk hinrich have only four points and four assists. Marry a contrast, the gap is obvious. Through this period of state picks up, believe LinShuHao can a renewed confidence, then lifted again that shares "Lin cyclone". The Houston rockets in the Christmas wars get away a extremely pep victory over to a 120-97 victory
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