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Life coach wonders if ADHD is contagious

Posted Nov 17 2008 9:04pm

Ronit Baras is a life coach and author of the book “ Be Special, be Yourself for Teenagers “.  She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, and she gives every indication of believing that most kids with ADHD not only do not have a disorder at all, but that their disruptive behavior can be treated simply by letting these children “move around more”.

I not only completely disagree with Miss Baras on the previous point, but I take contention with several other statements she makes in her blog entry titled “ ADHD Must Be Contagious “.  Allow me to point out my specific objections.

…the definition of ADHD is so broad that almost every person in the world can be described as having attention deficit disorder at a curtain stage in life.

The same can be said of depression or anxiety, yet there does not seem to be a major run on drug companies for anti-anxiety medications. (At least not currently, they were prescribed widely in the early to middle 20th century, mostly to housewives.)

ADHD is a business. There is a lot of money in ADHD for the pharmaceutical companies, so they have a great interest in promoting it.

This is a valid point, but the fact remains that pharmaceutical companies are not responsible for prescribing these medications.  That is the doctor’s bailiwick and if a problem exists, it lies with physicians and psychiatrists, not manufacturers.

… If a kid can concentrate one hour while doing something they love, but only 30 seconds doing something they hate, they do not have a concentration problem.

This is complete chaff.  My stepson has severe ADHD and his brothers have mild to sever cases.  Each of them can concentration any topic that stimulates mental activity for indefinite amounts of time. Regardless of whether that topic is a video game or math homework.  Boredom and confusion are the enemy of concentration in an ADHD child, not lack of intelligence or willingness to learn, apply ones self or excel.

Miss Baras also points fingers at parents, stating that they would rather have a scapegoat “disorder” to label their children with than to actually accept responsibility for behavioral issues.  While this may be true in some cases, i cannot believe that most parents don’t still manage to feel guilt and responsibility regardless.  I know I did.  I was the one that passed ADHD along to my kids, and that it is now my responsibility to teach them the skills necessary to cope with it.

I will refrain from stating any more of my own opinions on this particular article.  I’ll leave it to you, the reader to make up your mind on the subject.

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