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Lee and others suspected of gang rape

Posted Mar 01 2013 7:37am

February 20, Lee and five suspects   nike air max 2011 sale  were under criminal detention on suspicion of gang rape. Based on projections, if the police investigation, determine Lee incriminated, the latest to notify prosecutors before March 27, the prosecution should be before April 5 approved the arrest. Police need to complete the preliminary investigation in this period, basically confirmed the fact that crime suspect.

According to the provisions of Article 154 of the Criminal Procedure Code, the prosecution made to approve the    nike air max 2012 sale  decision of arrest, the police continue to investigate the subject in the investigation is completed within two months, re-inspection party to prosecute. Because of the complexity of the case, the expiration of the period can not end the police but also by the previous People's Procuratorate approved the extension of one month, and prosecution after inspection.

So, Lee and others suspected of gang rape, if it is determined that the charges made against the police apply for an extension of the time limit, the end of the investigation before July 5, the  cheap nike air max shoes  investigation and prosecution of the official inspection party.After that, the prosecution should be made within a month the prosecution's decision, major, complex cases may be extended two weeks. The court shall, according to the provisions of Section 202 of the Criminal Procedure Law "should be handed down in less than two months, for no more than three months. 
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