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landslide to the dead end of nike blazer men sale people wanted change

Posted Mar 11 2013 8:30am
The two sides still change today! "Socialism with Chinese characteristics" to be changed on the mainland, Taiwan to be changed "capitalism with Chinese characteristics" ...... The poor are changed, change the pass. Change "pass", you can maintain for centuries in 50 years, even not changed in two thousand years. This is the so-called "stereotypes." The variable not pass, you have to continue to change. History was nike air bruin max sale originally not the end of it! Time anyway. - But the raw "Chinese" We always hope that the early arrival of the "pass" and "stereotypes". In turn ask one: Chinese historical originally Millennium the same thing! Why, once change a decade a change becomes not the end of it? Simple to say, is a "bottleneck" problem. Cultural and social development will be the bottleneck blockage. Bottleneck once the blockage, cultural and social development, as we mentioned in the previous section, the only place round and round, circling not enter. Never rushed no bottlenecks, only to die of old age, violent death, or old and die, sick, sickness, slowly drag.

This program out of the bottleneck, called a "breakthrough" in philosophy, called "transformation" - some kind of social model into another social model, in order to continue to move forward in the History and Sociology. But regardless of the "breakthrough" or "transformation" or both have "poor you change the law. In other words, is a culture or a society, when facing collapse, landslide to the dead end of nike blazer men sale people wanted change, it will change. The opposite is a thriving community, or a condescending disdain Quartet, complacency civilization, it will not be much ado about nothing, to ideas. Conceptualization of this historical phenomenon, also said Declining Period culture necessary change; dominant culture will remain unchanged.
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