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Kathie Lee Gifford Says “We Rely Too Much On Medication!”

Posted Jul 11 2008 5:10pm

My wife had the “Today Show” on in the background, and I just leaped out of my seat when I heard someone commenting that …”today we are a society who rely too much on popping medications…” This voice continued to say something to the effect of:

Not long ago a kid who was bad was just put in the corner, and now today we have ADHD, IDD, IGD, and so on…eek!

Here we have another media personality - another person in the public eye - who clearly has an opinion (that millions of people will hear) that will inadvertently continue the stigma of ADHD and other related attentional and behavioral problems.

Fortunately, her counter-part, Hoda Lee, said that she herself used to question ADHD until she went to a family’s house to shoot a piece for the show. Here she witnessed first-hand the struggle that this family endured because of the entire dynamic that comes with ADHD…. (My words, not hers).

She described a situation where a child was “out of control,” and a father who was at his whits end..

Coming full circle, I can’t help butcringewhen ADHD is portrayed inaccurately in the media!


It provides false hope and doubt to the countless number of parents (and adults) who are still struggling with whether or not ADHD is real…  Whether or not their child has ADHD…  Whether or not they should reach out for help.


We are NEVER going to change the media, and we are likely not going to be able to change other people’s minds and opinions.

As such, it is the responsibility of each and every person (myself included), to educate and share thetruthwith those people who question our actions and the actions (or behaviors) of our children.

Some people will continue to deny that ADHD is real.  Some people will make excuses for the “phenomenon.”


As a parent of a child with ADHD - you need real answers from people who willsupport you.

Find those people…  Seek them out…  And when you find people who are LESS THAN supportive, thank them for their time and move on.

Don’t let anyone hold you back or have you feeling shame, guilt, doubt, etc…

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