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Karate for kids with ADD/ADHD

Posted Jun 08 2011 1:37pm

I am Master Tracy Lee Thomas a Master Instructor in the Martial Arts. Years ago, I became alarmed at the number of young people in this country who were diagnosed as ADD/ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and simply given medication to drug them to a calmer state.

I believed that many of these children could benefit from martial arts training. I had seen many young people learn life skills like perseverance and self-confidence while they studied at our Changing Lives Martial Arts school. Through our CLMA Life Skills basic program we have changed the lives of thousands of community members since 1991.

I believed this so strongly that I set out to establish a program focused around martial arts training that could change the lives of young ADHD sufferers with a solid and well structured “Karate For Kids” program. This Karate program treats the whole child and is intended to address and remove many of the irritations that might be causing the child's hyperactivity.

Such things as diet, allergies, and television can affect a child and make them behave inappropriately. Rather than give the child a pill that could add more roadblocks to their development along the way, I recommend finding and fixing the root of the problem. Establishing a martial arts routine with both short and long term goals is important to the child’s development. Our Changing Lives MA students and parents have seen a great improvement with behavioral, concentration and focus concerns.

ADHD children need much physical activity and a structured environment. CLMA’s Karate for kids lesson and training offers both. In our program, children are taught to focus on the task at hand. They set goals and receive immediate feedback and praise as they come nearer to achieving those goals. Keeping them focused is our profession. The children admire strong, competent instructors who take the time to work with them and treat them with the respect they need to develop strong self-esteem. Many of these children have been marked as problematic children or trouble makers in school, with friends in social settings and at home, even by parents many times.   This truly saddens me as these children need to feel good about themself, hear good things about what they are doing and be rewarded for doing well. At Changing Lives Martial Arts, our students get all this with each of our professional instructors.  

As their ability to focus and work towards goals increases, many of the children will find that these skills carry over to their school work. Their grades improve, they become more popular with the other children, they become leaders, and their teachers will report that they are better behaved. This adds to the cycle of success that begins with Karate For Kids training at Changing Lives Martial Arts. Please feel free to contact me at
smt@atakick.comor via the phone at 757-471-9002.

Train Hard and Stay Safe!


Master Instructor

Master Tracy Lee Thomas-7 th Degree



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