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just smiled and looked at the nike air max 2012 mens girl finished

Posted Nov 17 2012 3:08am
The boy said with a smile:" fool I will wait for you, "the girl happy nestled in the boy's arms smiled and said," I also give you a commitment after graduation. "Boy happy girl hold in the arms. girls love to eat snacks, each shopping boy always tightly holding the girl's hand, girls like children do fart children fart children with the boy next two people are always on the street food stalls the great sweep again, but each boy is always not eat, just smiled and looked at the nike air max 2012 mens girl finished, the girls always ask "how do you eat ah", the boy always answered "I do not like to eat those snacks", in fact, the boy just want their own share of left to the girl to eat, not when you see the girl oil flow mouthful to eat, boy always pamper Speaking of "Do not eat in to eat a pig slightly", the girl said as he ate. " I do not care, your baby pig. "

The boy is always patted the girl's head to laugh to" really head benzene Zhu ", the two had a good relationship with the boy always let the girls do some small things for girls girls tying shoelaces, umbrella, cut fruit, Peel the melon seeds . Whenever tears after the boys always said baby, I will always love you, until you do not love me boy air max 95 uk after hanging up the phone will always be the one sitting there in tears, in a daze, silence.The But time a day later, the girls never let the boys go to the meaning of their own home, the boys called to ask to Baby New Year's Day are slightly when I go to your house ", the girls said" too few days "every time the boys asked this question, the girls are always a few days to answer the boy, the boy know that the New Year, what people should be going to visit relatives, may not have time right.
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