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jordans for sale Chi ground runs roadBe

Posted Apr 11 2013 5:16am
jordans for sale Chi ground runs roadBe
of play earthquake, the class gram led of 15 thieves complete a task and came over remit match. Once two strength match and behind look about, the desire makes track for the monster person that doesn't dare to make track for to in a twinkling disappear, a group of iron cows they already not enemy, come to 1 flock again here, or go home to hide. The robbers ha ha on smiling, get rid of to drive iron cow toward the west but go, there are bear people shouting that the Chi shouts that the Chi ground runs road.Be dressed in heavy A, take huge ax, the town runs to the mineral mountain, and then makes track for a class from the Lei long grass gram they become a big turn and went toward back again to rush through, e.

jordans for sale even if they are bears person, also can not help hand and foot delivering soft. The bear person's troops imitates an of Buddha a steel, pure huge iron ax of one type is in the their hand, even if is iron cow can not necessarily block as well live. A see far and far hurtle of iron herd of cattle, 80 bear person's warriors together and together and suddenly and violently roar 1, didn't the least bit be afraid and brandished to begin medium huge ax, the vehemence roaringly kept dynasty iron cow kill. Stupid fearless, stupid and strong is also such. The brutal bear person always can't be afraid anyone, at Lei long grass town, the Suo Lo.

cheap jordans ng still dare pull a gram to turn over a face with Ni, even if only two bear persons exist, can see a bear person's"fearless" from here.But fearless small strong, if the escort with no fairy usually die most quickly. However iron cow on bed terms bear person is hard to put together, shout for a while, the thieves all spread to open and once wore from the bear person's both sides, immediately after, round bear person to run to move.With the speed of the iron cow, the bear person basically makes track for not and up them. However have a corpse demon don't avoid the bear person's sharp point, once the huge tree flick and directly and then threw t.

jordans for sale ward them pass by.These are thousand catties of of the thing lend impact of power, and then have the corpse bewitching huge dint to add to hold, immediately still weigh than the mountain.The top flame soars more and keep letting bear person also all the color greatly change. First hit of, is exactly the son of Suo Long, the leader blessing of the bear person's armed escort Lei, this nearly three meter high robust bear person's one Be huge to roar, while behind signing hurtle ascend tenth, bear person, together and together let out the Dou spirit in thin yellow on the body, is exactly the elite of the bear person's armed escort.These bear persons roar at the same time a , earthquake accumulated snow of ground a burst of vibrate, the more than ten handles huge ax takes the Dou spirit in thin yellow and soar to the skies to hit to fly to a

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