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Jiang Yanrong nike blazer men sale hear the cry of Jiang Yang Zhi tension

Posted Mar 07 2013 6:44am
Guests at home, so that people listened to many jokes "Jiang Yanrong muffled speak, slumped in a chair, looking at the wet books, and water all over the floor. Jiang Yangchih and returned to the living room, Jiang Yanrong vague heard Jiang Yang Zhi to guests sighing, said the child how unruly. She bit her lip, and wronged to cry. "What is wrong," she thought, and went to the window in front. Jiang-lin has slipped in the yard, doing carpentry in there, and he looked up at Jiang Yanrong one, eyebrows, made a grimace of victory. Jiang Yanrong silently watching him, so boys are so naughty, his nature is good, but the father too used to nike air bruin max sale him. Positive thinking, Jiang Lin-Oh's called a cry, Jiang Yanrong see the knife pierced his finger and blood was coming out. Think he also just so proud now getting too much of a good thing! She can not help but smile. Jiang-lin see her laughing, and said angrily: "Do not laugh!"

Then away his woodworking, ran to the front of the living room into immediately, Jiang Yanrong nike blazer men sale hear the cry of Jiang Yang Zhi tension, as well as Jiang's wife voice: children. So she sat down in the desk, muffled biting his fingernails. "She is more than a place to bite you, right?" Jiang's wife's voice: "There are no other wounds, this will not sterilized inflammation quickly check no other wounds." Jiang Yanrong head leaned on the table, all of a sudden desire to cry. "They do not like me, people like me!" She paddled with your fingers desktop, seems Duzhe a lump in the throat. "Dad likes Xiao-lin, the mother like geese if my life is superfluous." Her eyes gaze on the tatami, there lay her Anna Karenina, just battle, the writing has been torn a. She leaned over to pick up, finishing with pity that cover. Desk, decorated with a little angel in a white magnetic lamp, her head close to the lodge table lamp, stared a little angel, whispering, said: "Tell me, you! Do you love me?"
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