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Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!

Posted Nov 22 2009 12:00am

I moved out of my parents house in August, and I havent really put everything away yet. My boyfriend had a course last night, so I was sitting at home by myself with nothing on TV. I had already worked out, and so I had absolutely nothing to do. Thats when I remembered the best impulse Ebay purchase Ive EVER made!!

Thats right, SUPER NINTENDO!! We never had one when I was little, we had original Nintendo, but my dad lost one too many times and broke it. My best friend has the Super Nintendo, and I used to beg her to play it when I was over.
I know – Im SO cool, I spent my Friday night at home playing Nintendo, and it was SO much fun!!
I played some Super Mario Bros. and then I rememberd that I had my all time favorite game.

MARIO KART!!!! I dont know if anyone noticed, but if you look, you’ll see that I came in first!!

Ok – now that Ive shared my excitement with you – I can move on to today.

I had an awesome breakfast this morning.

Oatmeal – with strawberries, greek yogurt, and some agave nectar on top.
It was something special!

It is Saturday, so I did some grocery shopping. Im very proud of myself, because today I made a list! I stuck to it, and didnt buy a single thing that wasnt on it! I came out of the grocery store spending only $30! Of course, that doesnt include the $80 bag of dog food I picked up. Im splitting it with my mom, but it still hurt when I saw the price. I just have to keep reminding myself that when I had a horse I spent way  more than that.

I didnt take a picture of lunch – I was starving and ate it before I even realized it was gone. I toasted up some sprouted grain bread in the oven, then topped it with goats milk cheddar, 1/2 an avocado and some sprouts. It was a little bit of heaven.
Then I got to decorating. Turns out, I dont have as many Christmas decorations as I thought. I always did the decorating at my parents house, there was never any lack of decorations. Of course, it never crossed my mind that none of those things belonged to me. My moms a teacher, and so every year at Christmas her students give her tons of stuff. Of course, I dont get to take it with me just because I like it. So my collection consists of a winter village, a tiny tree (my mom gave me the one she usually has in her classroom) and some garland.

I do have some singing stuffed things. I get a little enthusiastic at Walmart during the holidays. I have a Christmas tree that sings Jingle Bell Rock, a snowman with a top hat that sings about himself, and I personally feel that his dance moves are slightly inappropriate and of course, my favorite out of all of them:

This is the very first Christmas item that I bought, and he’s my all time favorite. He since “Its Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas” and sways back and forth, and I just love him!!
I clearly need to buy some more stuff, but I guess its a decent start. I also put up some red garland around my bedroom door, because I believe that when it comes to Christmas, the more things that sparkle the better!! I dont care if its tacky, I LOVE IT!!

Im currently at my parents house stealing their internet again. Tonight my mom is making turkey dinner for my boyfriend and I. We were in Colorado for Thanksgiving,  so we missed out on the big dinner. She wanted to make it for us when we got back, but their kitchen exploded the night before we left. It was quite the disaster actually. My poor mom was home by herself and the pipes under the sink burst. It was something like 80 pounds of water that filled the kitchen and dining room. Crazy! Fortunately my brother is a plumber, and I guess lives pretty close so he got it under control, but the damage has been done, and they now need a whole new kitchen. It makes me feel much better about the time I set it on fire, but thats another story.
Then after dinner the boyfriend is taking me to see The Blind Side. I am so excited for this movie! Ive been wanting to see it for months, and I love Sandra Bullock. We’re going to a tiny little theatre to see it, I dont even want to attempt anyplace thats playing Twilight this weekend! They were talking about the lines on the radio – apparently its just been insanity. I saw the first movie when we were in Colorado, but it didnt really suck me in.
I think Im going to read the books anyway, just becuase if they really are as good as people keep saying, I dont want to miss out simply becuase I want to be different. That just seems foolish.

Has anyone read the books? If you have, did you love them? And what other books did you enjoy?

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