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Is Lamictal (Lamotrigine) an effective treatment for adhd?

Posted by menarr1

My dr recently perccribed Lamictal (Lamotrigine) for my recently diagnosed adult ADHD.  I can't find any referrence to this drug being effictive for ADHD symptoms.  My understanding is he wants me to take this drug for a month or so before adding a stimulant to the mix.  Is this normal? I am not bipolar and have no bipolar symptoms.  Please provide me any referrences to any studies that would support or debunk this suggested treatment.  Thanks
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Hello.  I cannot post an answer to you, but I sympathize and am seeking an answer myself.  Today, a psychiatrist who has only spoken to me twice, prescribed Lamitcal and said the same thing about starting this before starting a stimulant, and I remain skeptical.  Lamitcal is an anti-convulsive that is also used to treat Bipolar Disorder 1, as you know.  There is a wide variety of ADHD behaviors, and many imitate Bipolar...GlaxoSmithKline, the manufacturers, did a short term study on males with ADHD with inconclusive results...I keep searching the web for answers to your question, too.
Been on the Lamictal for about 3 months now.  Other than some intitial moodiness (made me a real jerk for about 3 weeks) I have found it to actually help with some of my impulse control issues. The only real side effect that I have is horrible acne, but that seems to be clearing up with vitamin B12 complex.  Have had mixed success with stimulants over the last months. Overall I like what they do but as of yet the dose does not seem to be enough.  I have tried both Concerta and Adderall recently switching back to Concerta as I like the clarity of thought it porovided. Adderall helped me deal with mundane tasks but could not focus on anything intellectual.  As a result we have switched back to Concerta but in a larger dosage.  The negative side effect of Concerta is hyper focus but the clinical councillor I work with is confidet he can help me work around this.  I have since also been diagnosed with bi-polar spectrum which could account for the success with the lamictal.  Seems a combination approach is working the best for me... 12 steps for my pathological gambling (result of adhd not being diagnosed until age 34), stimulant for adhd, lamictal for bi-polar/impulse control disorder, major therapy to help me form new healthy habits....  lots of work but everyone in my life (the few that stuck it out) says they are noticing a huge change in me over the last few months.  My Dr. specializes in ADHD and addiction so I just made a choice to trust him (not easy after much of my earlier experience witht the medical community and their reaction to mental illness).  That decision has paid off in huge ways. Good luck.  If you want any details of my personal experience please feel free to message me.  Cheers

Hey. I find this interesting because I'm also being treated with a combination of lamictal (600 mg) and concerta (36 mg). I also experience side effects such as hyper focus, but also some anxiousty. I have forgotten to take my dose of concerta a few times and then I experience less hyper focus and anxiousty and I feel more outgoing. Other people have also metioned this. On ther other hand concerta makes me more relaxed. I'm kind of confused here and not sure what to do. I'm wondering if I will get less concentrated if I stop using concerta. As I'm studying to become an ingeneer that would be quite unfortunante. Should I try a smaller dosage of concerta?

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Still on the Lacimital(150 2xday) and Concerta (54 3xday).

Hardly notice any effect from the Concerta anymore. Doc keeps uping doses but does not change anything. I think Lacimital is the problem. I am not bi-polar.. so while the mood stabilizing attributes of Lacimital were good when my life was in turmoil they are actually bad now that things have settled down to normal. I am stuck in this emotional band where I really do not care about much of anything. I am bored and not much gets me interested. I thing the Lacimital has stabilized me at a not so nice place. Doc jumps Concerta does to counter this  but at the same time jumps Lacimital to counter the negative effects of the stimulant. I have read a lot in the 4 months or so since my last post here. There is no negative consequence to a pathological gambler taking stimulants. It is not going to make the urge to gamble any stronger. If anything as Concerta helps regulate the dopamine circut, it should actually help with that impulse.

As a recovering gambling addict (1 year 1 month clean) it is deadly to be locked in a "bored" state. I am a dopamine junkie. If I stay here to long, sooner or later I am going to feel the need to get that dopamine kick. It might not be gambling but a bad day (fight with spouse, etc) could trigger a hunt for thrill.

In my opinion (which is completely unprofessional), is that unless you are bipolar, skip the lacimital and stick to actual adhd medication and therapy.

There is no evidence that I have heard of that supports a prescription of a mood stabilizer prior to a long acting stimulant. Next week when I see the doctor I am making sure I get off the Lacimital. I want to be able to feel again.

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