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is ADHD medicine the key?

Posted Oct 28 2009 11:02pm
Luke has been taking Vyvanse for 3 straight days now. He has tried a host of other medications, most recently Concerta. The Concerta was fantastic, a dramatic change, but lost effectiveness after a month or so.

Of course, I have mile-high hopes for the new medicine, for the Vyvanse. I want it to be a dramatic positive change worthy of giving him a serious medication daily. I am on the edge of my seat, fingers and toes crossed, holding my breath.While we have battled some with being really sleepy, that seems to be subsiding and we are seeing great results. He brought home a story he wrote in school yesterday (pictured below). I smiled so much my cheeks literally hurt. I gushed and gushed until his sister was so tired of hearingabout it she left the room. It was far beyond any expectations I had for him. It was a full page of writing. I could read it. It made sense. He even used quotation marks around dialogue and had dialogue in his story to begin with. And he drew a full picture to go with it with lots of color and detail. It may not be amazing for a 2nd grader. In fact, I know it isn't. But for my 2nd grader, my ADHD boy who struggles so much with handwriting and even the desire to write because of it, it is beyond amazing.

I have placed a before page and yesterday's pages below for comparison. See for yourself (I know the text page is hard to read but the scanner was picking up the drawing on the back):



My virtual friend and fellow ADHD mom blogger, Karen of Lipstick Wisdom, said to me recently when she experienced this same drastic change with her son and medication, "It's almost like his brain is a lock and medicine is the key."

Many would debate that medicine is the key for ADHD. I certainly would have been one of them before I educated myself on ADHD. But, for many of our ADHD children, medication unlocks their talents and potential and attempts to level the playing field for them. It has certainly made my child a lot happier. Isn't that our goal as parents? To raise happy human beings?
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