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Intermittent Fasting Day 6: Six Hour Window

Posted Jan 30 2011 6:51pm

I can consume a good amount of calories in a six hour window! I’ve been in a deficit all week, so I don’t care that much that I splurged on Saturday other than the sodium. I consider it one of my high-cal days, which is no big deal when you naturally calorie cycle and aim for an average, not a specific daily target. In fact, it’s good to come out of a deficit every few days or so to reset your leptin levels .

Jenny ( Fit Girl Foodie ) left me this link in my first IF post .

Apparently the owner of the site, Martin Berkhan, is an Intermittent Fasting guru . It seems to be working quite well for him! :shock: My goodness! :lol: I digress.

He has an article on “cheat days” and leptin which goes into greater detail. Of course I don’t eat (or cheat) or workout the same way he does, nor are our goals exactly the same, but I dig much of his philosophy, anyway. :) I like doing things my way, but I also like to incorporate all sorts of ideas and foods into my personal style. Like raw kale salad from my or grain-free cookies from my or calorie cycling from my days of strict calorie-counting. I like a little bit of everything!! :)

After my 20-hour fast yesterday, I was kind of undecided on what to eat. Just about everything sounded good, but nothing sounded better than Chinese food. So we ordered it from the place down the road. Wow, so salty! But oh so tasty. :P I had about a cup of fried rice, about a cup of vegetable lo mein, and an egg roll. Totally healthy! :roll: They give you like 5 lbs of food in the combination plates, it didn’t even look like I made a dent in it after I took out my portion, but I was extremely full after all of that. It really wasn’t picture-worthy, so I didn’t bother.

I regretted that particular choice of food about 2 minutes after I was done. :lol: It made me feel a little sick. Probably not the greatest choice after not eating since the day before, but it tasted good for a few minutes. heh Somehow, I still had a little room left for chocolate afterward. ;)

Later on, I had some cheddar + Swiss cheese, a small piece of stale ciabatta, and a Greek yogurt sundae for my bedtime snack. The sundae was spectacular!!

  • About half a cup of Fage Total (full-fat) Greek strained yogurt with fresh blueberries, dried strawberries (no sugar added), slivered almonds, and a TBSP of agave nectar

Oh. my. Greek yogurt GODS! It was sooOOooOoo GOOD!

Fage Total tastes like custard! :shock: It’s amazing. If you’re in the market for Greek yogurt, try the full-fat, you’ll love it. :)

Intermittent Fasting Day 6 of 7 Menu

I’ve lost about 7 lbs this week, but I know it’s mainly water weight. The first week in a consistent deficit almost always gives you rapid results from initial water loss. It would be awesome to keep up that pace, but I know that’s even remotely realistic. :lol: The weight loss is a nice side effect, but what I’m most interested in with Intermittent Fasting is (a) sustainability; is it something I could do for more than a week? etc. (b) can I cover all of my nutritional needs? (c) is it enjoyable? I know that I would have to work on my protein intake a little more. Carbs + fats are covered, as usual, but my protein intake has been a little weak some days.

I wish albacore tuna wasn’t one of the highest carriers of mercury :( I bought these pouches the other day, they’re so convenient!

I’m trying to keep my tuna intake to only once or twice a week. Salmon and sardines contain much less mercury, so I can always change it up to keep my tuna consumption lower. Truthfully, I’d probably eat tuna every day if it didn’t impose such a risk. Then again, it seems like nearly everything carries some sort of fatal risk these days, right? lol I have even heard that too much oxygen can cause lung cancer. :o Worrying about too many things is sure to kill ya faster, too. ;)

I’ll give my review on Intermittent Fasting tomorrow being I’m on the last day of my trial today. I definitely feel puffier after last night’s salty dinner. Hoping that will fade away by tomorrow! :)

Question: How was your weekend?

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