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In A New York Minute

Posted Sep 10 2012 3:40am

A lot of things can happen in a New York minute. One second you’re derping along with nothing particularly exciting on your agenda besides planning to start your GAPS diet of bone broth and non-fibrous veggies, the next you find yourself in NYC eating dinner in Little Italy at 1:00 AM.

My GAPS plans were postponed when Dustin’s sister, Ashley, called last Saturday and wanted to know if we’d want to hang out with her and her husband if they drove into town from Ohio. We haven’t seen her in over 2 years, so we were happy to oblige. Neither of them had ever been to NY, so of course we had to show them as much as we could cram into 4 days.

We weren’t sure if the weather was going to cooperate. There were thunderstorms in the forecast on and off throughout the week. We planned to go to NYC on Wednesday, but that trajectory changed when we woke up to gray skies and precipitation all around us. Not a problem, though. If there’s rain above ground, we’ll go under the ground. Hundreds of feet underground in dark, chilly caverns in upstate NY.


I visited Howe Caverns when I was a kid and have wanted to go again ever since. It was different than I remember but aren’t most things that you revisit 25 years later? lol

Howe Cavers 019

It’s 52 degrees F down there year-round, so we put some extra layers of clothes on. No wonder it’s such a popular summer destination; they even use the natural cool air via large fan to air condition their building!

We started the tour with a short story from the creepy robotic Lester Howe, founder of the caverns, who died over 100 years ago.


The tour has 3 highlights: The walk-through, the boat ride, and a very narrow 300-foot long maze that ends the tour underground.


Dustin and me in all of our touristy glory.


Dustin’s sister, Ashley, and her husband, Michael, standing at the “bridal alter” section of the cave. Too bad they’re already married! There have been 642 marriages at this location. Pretty cool—literally.




At the end of the boat ride our tour guide shut all of the lights off so we could experience absolute darkness. I couldn’t help but think how awesome that would be for all the times we try to snooze during daylight and futilely fight the streaks of sun that poke in, haha. The caverns are like Pirates of the Caribbean in Disney World , only, you know, a little bit more natural.

When we returned to a warmer elevation, we headed start for the snack shop. They sell their own cheese, which we got a block of to take home:


And of course we couldn’t pass up this fudge case!


We had a fudge display case like this at our farm market years ago. Not nearly as many flavors, but it tasted remarkably like it. We bought 5 pieces and took them outside to the terrace to sample and admire the mountainous views. Our five flavors: Rocky road, creamsicle, chocolate, peanut butter, and chocolate raspberry. Rocky road and creamsicle were my faves. SO GOOD. But so rich. Only small nibbles!

The views were breathtaking. These pictures do not do them justice.


There were rocking chairs on the terrace, and because we visited right after school started in NY, the place was virtually all ours!




It was a 2-hour drive each way, so we didn’t do much else the rest of the day. We wanted to rest up to hit up the Big Apple the following day. But you know how that goes, good intentions and all. We still only got about 4-5 hours of sleep that night.

My next post will have our trip to NYC. We wanted to see The Book of Mormon on Broadway but apparently you need to get tickets like one generation in advance because it’s completely sold out from now until forever! Of course now my curiosity is piqued and it has gone to the top of my must-conquer list.

We packed a lot of sight-seeing into the past week and now I’m pooped. It’s good to be boring and nerdy 98.7% of the time. My new doctor emailed me the other day to let me know that my hormonal saliva test results came back in, so we scheduled an appointment for this upcoming Wednesday. I’m super anxious to find out what they say. I’m also excited about meeting with her. I found her on the Paleo Physician’s Network , so she’s on top of her game with the correlation between diet and illness and all of that jazz.

Have you ever been in caverns? Apparently there are ice caverns somewhere in NY, too. Might have to check them out next summer!

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