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I want to wash their air max 90 sale clothes in the river must be happy and how

Posted Dec 14 2012 6:59am
To celebrate the first sunny day of the trip to Phoenix, I got on a Boat Sailing Tuojiang to a close contact. Joining of the river due to the rain and add a little chill boat in the Qing Huang savoring proceed with a handful of the fresh water of the cool earth, thinking becomes lengthy, seems to be flooding through the same clear and thorough. Half-awake, half-drunk, ears vaguely sounded a voice, "has a bright and clean of heart, as this river; doing a mere human right, like that clear blue skies." I'm sure that moment my heart and Tuojiang interlinked, and that green as blue fresh and pure, washed my covered Qianhua.I want to wash their air max 90 sale clothes in the river must be happy and how much a little romantic thing. Quartzite smooth was like a natural washboard, couples with marching cool river, one clothing on the slate flog a few other people expertly took a while then rub in the water, cool river splashed in the face Sweet also flow into the heart of the two.

The the Qing long period of the Tuojiang water, quietly flowing through yesterday, flow today flows tomorrow ...... "the Weicheng Zhaoyu Yonghu like dust, guest houses green Green is the Willow.", A thousand years ago, Xianyang scenery actually today The ancient city of Phoenix so similar. Window verdant willow, reveals a rustic log cabin fresh, lean on the railing of the Riverside Inn, really made me experience a return to "queue leaning against dangerous wind-thin"'s charm. Across cheap nike air max 1 the river, the ancient old old, high and low houses on stilts, one near an eaves next to an eaves wall attached to the wall, shoulder to shoulder crowded riverbank on, dazzling the middle Qingwa aotou red lanterns to hanging, accompanied by the singing of the Mitsue waft gently swaying. What a picturesque silhouette of the Phoenix!Rain always meet by chance, has just the also sunny sky suddenly they downpour.
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