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I fear my son has adhd as his behaviour is uncontrollable

Posted by bootie

My sons behaviour is out of control, it affects every aspect of our family life and from the moment he wakes up he is disruptive, loud, hyperactive etc. If he is told no or does not get his way he becomes rude, aggressive and abusive. The battles are getting him to eat, getting him to listen to anything and also he has always had a disturbed sleep pattern. School are starting to pick up on issues that as a mother have been ringing alarm bells for years. He is now on a report card- he won't stay seated at school, he is constantly talking and disrupting others and is very cheeky. He seems to think rules were not written to include him and he has not ever responded to consequences. He does not seem to understand cause and effect and can be genuinely sorry only to repeat the behaviour seconds later. He constantly shouts  is very physical always jumping on me, at me and clambering on people, which is very disruptive. He goes in a zone where we cannot reach him and he is out of control not listening to anything- we don't dare go to social gatherings or invite people around when he is here as he is so loud and obnoxious. I am as he is getting older realising that these behaviours are becoming more and more innapropriate and never come accross other children speaking and behaving in the way he does- its horrifying. Our interactions have become very negative and I feel we have no bond anymore and I think as there is nothing positive he is becoming a very angry and bad tempered person. I Love my son so much and am desperate for some help before he is so big and strong he hurts me as he is so impulsive and at times unpredicable. What is your advice- I suspect he has adhd but have so far found or gp to be unhelpful
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There are certain behaviors you've mentioned that are indicative of AD/HD (I have severe AD/HD, I should know), however there are many behaviors that I would not associate with this disorder.  If your son truly has AD/HD (and you will need for him to see a specialist (i.e., a psychiatrist) in order to make that determination, it's been my experience that GPs don't have near the education or experience to make a proper diagnosis), you should be open to the possibilities that your son could have some co-morbidity (one or more coexisting disorders) such as Oppositional Defiance Disorder (ODD), if not some emotional problems as well.  ODD jumped to mind with behaviors such as being rude, aggressive and abusive when told no or not getting his way.  That kind of behavior is not really typical of AD/HD.  As a child, though I had severe AD/HD, I was not a behavior/disciplinary problem.  Good luck, I hope you come up with some answers. 

I also have moderate to severe ADD and my 16 year old son was diagnosed with ADD at the ripe old age of 6.

I agree wholeheartedly with focusfree!  

Please understand that your son's behaviour is not deliberate or intentional. These kids do NOT want to behave this way - but they do not know how to control their behaviours as their brains are wired differently than kids who are not dealing with these issues. Many kids end up medicated which poses other problems - not eating, not sleeping and they can seriously alter their personalities (while you may think at this point it is a good thing - trust me, it is NOT!!!).

Have you even tried natural supplements to try and control whatever symptoms your son is displaying? If you haven't you might want to give it some though. I took my son off of prescription medication 2 years ago and put him on an incredible cocktail of supplememts and we have never looked back - he is growing, thriving, doing better in school than he ever did while on the prescription meds and he has told me that he never wants to take medication again.

Supplements do not have to be prescribed by a Dr. and therefore if they will work to control your son's undesireable behaviours you have nothing to lose in trying them and possibly very much to gain! If you want more info or details please do not hesitate to message me - it iwll be my pleasure to help in any way I can - I know how you feel, I really do! Hang in there!



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