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How to Get Inexpensive Uggs Style Boots

Posted Nov 03 2012 3:04am

How to Get Inexpensive Uggs Style Boots

1)Believe it or not, discount stores like Costco carry fake uggs styled winter boots. Costco has the Kirkland brand, which is the same brand that makes many Costco products. Search Costco and similar stores for deals on these warm winter boots.

2)Target carries a few brands of Uggs styled boots(). They may not be as high quality as Uggs, but they will have a similar look, if you are interested in the fashion aspect of Uggs.

3)Shop online. Online stores like feature non-Uggs brand boots which have a similar style. has a great selection of fake ugg boots. A perk of is that if you are an Amazon Prime member, you can get your boots with free shipping.

4)Shop local stores for sheepskin boots similar to Uggs(). Many stores may have the Uggs styled shoes that you want, and you may be able to get them at a discount.

5)Mall kiosks sometimes sell Uggs styled boots at reasonable prices. You can get a great deal at these kiosks, and you may be able to bargain for a lower price.

6)Look for fake uggs lookalikes on eBay. If you can get the boots for a great deal, who cares if they aren't actually Uggs? If you like the quality and style, skip the expensive brand name and go for a similar, less expensive boot from a different brand.

7)Learn about brands similar to Uggs, like Bearpaw. These are a great, high quality alternative to Uggs. They are warm, high quality boots(). You can search online to find brands that you like as well. Keep in mind, there are many kinds of imitation Uggs: ones that are warm and look like Uggs, and those which are less functional, but look like Uggs. If you like Uggs for fashion only, you can get a cheap pair of Uggs lookalike boots on for a very low price.

8)If you really want Uggs, wait to find a great sale. It may take time, but you never know what sales will come up. It may be worth the wait if you want the real thing.

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