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How to explore business by video marketing

Posted Mar 01 2013 9:07am

Last week, late January 2013, it is announced by YouTube official blog that views of their videos have reached four billion per day. It increased 25% in the past 8 months.

Why video become so popular

1. Video has many advantages comparing with traditional media, with rich content and snippets, less consumption, more information, less time for reading, getting real-like visual enjoyment.
2. People like videos. Customers do not always have the patience or time to read through a plain and lengthy product description. They would prefer to watch a video that tells them more than words possibly could. It offers real feeling and recreates face to face experience which is better than through audio, image or text. So it is ideal straight way to present product or service to customers.

A well-known research institute reported that online video consumers will double to 1.5 billion by 2015. That is a big number that companies and business should not neglect. It opens a new window of marketing channel to promote product and service, video marketing. Companies can push forward their overall marketing strategy and improve consumer engagement by videos marketing.

Value of video marketing

1. Video is a better way for product demonstration, which will give watchers more real experience. Thus buying-desire of customers will be explored, which will result in sales boomed.
2. Videos are also helpful for bringing search traffic since major search engines started ranking videos in their results pages. Customer engagement rate will be improved.

How to distribute videos

1. Upload on popular video sharing websites which has a lot of visitors, like YouTube, Metacafe, Vimeo, etc.
2. Share your videos on famous social website, such as Facebook, Twitter accounts.
3. Embed them into some of your blog posts. You can see that posts with videos have a significantly higher average time on site than those without videos.
4. Include them in your email newsletter. 
5. Offline delivery through DVD, USB, hard disk and other hardware digital date transfer tools

Tips of uploading videos to websites

1. Do keyword research. You had better find some hot keywords and incorporate them to description of video. It is helpful for search engine optimization and easy for readers to find your videos.
2. Do competitors analysis. What successful marketing content have your competitors created? Are there any obvious knowledge gaps which are yet to be filled by your competitors, both online and offline?
3. Prepare necessary tools, like video converter software. It is needed since not all video uploading websites support all video formats. Some of video formats will not be accepted by some website. So you have to transform formats of your video file to another. Kvisoft video converter is a great choice. It is powerful, professional and easy to use. Most of popular video formats are supported. For example, MP4 is most supported format and contains good picture quality. If your video is in FLV format, you can use video converting program to convert FLV to MP4.  

With growing of video usage, the power of video is undeniable. It is create way to increase sales and expand business.

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