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How to Choose a Replacement Dell Precision M6300 Battery?

Posted May 22 2014 2:38am

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Are you looking for a replacement battery for Dell Precision M6300 laptop? Before purchase of any battery for your laptop it is good to know beforehand the nature, the technical details, pros and even cons of the battery so that the battery you purchase get to suffice your needs. This article describes the features of an outstanding battery that suits all your needs whether your Dell Precision Laptop is meant to run many programs or just for your home needs, the details described below give the battery its high notch performance.


The Technical Details

1. -The battery for Dell M6300 laptop contains the highest quality Li-ion cells which are featured by a non-OEM interface.

2. -The Dell Precision M6300 battery’s voltage has been optimized by the manufacturer so as to maintain charge for a longer period. Its voltage is about 11.1 volts.

3. -The battery is also highly rated in terms of current flow. It has a rating of 7200mAh making it very efficient during the recharge process.

4. -The Dell Precision M6300 battery described here is very compatible with almost all the series of the Dell Precision M6300 laptops.

5. Since they are manufactured by very magnificent and renowned developers, they are characterized by high performance rates, working for long hours without getting overheated.


The technical details above make this Dell battery the top-drawer in the market and getting overwhelming high ratings in reviews. The high ratings are simply because of the following cons which come with this battery for Dell Precision M6300:

1. -The integrated details of voltage and current flow have made the battery to sustain charge for long periods.

2. -Since the batteries are from licensed manufacturers, warranty is guaranteed to follow by unbelievable money back guarantee after purchase.

3. -The battery is flexible and versatile hence it is compatible with many models of Dell Precision M6300 laptops.

4. -From experience, the battery has a long lifespan.

5. -The battery also comes with Dell Precision M6300 adapter which has been wonderfully manufactured to prevent any short-circuiting.


Despite the above numerous pros affiliated with this battery, the battery needs ultimate care to make it last even longer. Some of the precautions you should undertake to cushion this battery include the following:

1. -You are required to keep your battery away from damp conditions or where there is a lot of heat.

2. -Do not leave your battery without charge for more than two weeks while ensuring you don’t overcharge it.

3. -During purchase, ensure that you that the store you are doing business with them are licensed to avoid getting a vague battery.

4. - Lastly, do not overwork the Dell battery. For example, leaving your laptop on for around 24 hours means your battery is being overworked.

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