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How to charge the battery correctly

Posted Aug 27 2013 7:24am

Opinion 1: the battery power should be used up until the notebook computer automatically shut down, and then recharge the battery to full.


Opinion 2: there is no need to pay attention to theLaptop Battery, and you can charge it at anytime you like.


Findings indicate that most of the students think that it is unnecessary to usevgp-bps8until the computer automatically shut down and then recharge; they also do not support the second view for random charging. Generally they will charge the battery only when the computer prompts further charge. Of course, the time can be set by the user, and usually the default is 3%.


Recommended approach: The author holds the same method with the majority of students. In fact, whether the battery is nickel-metal hydride or lithium batteries, they all have a memory effect. Though NiMH batteries have obvious memory effect, lithium batteries also have memory effect, but its memory effect is much smaller than nickel-metal hydride Bale. It is completely misguiding for some company to claim that lithium batteries have no memory effect. Well, since thevgp-bps9has a memory effect, it should be noted that the battery should be recharged until it has run out of charge, but it does not mean to deliberately use the computer to automatically shut down. Although there is no harm (because the laptop battery has a charge and discharge secure, laptop automatically shut down to protect the battery discharge has not yet reached the standard), you may feel tired about this? In fact, charging when the power is less than 3% is very well. When compared to natural wear and tear, memory effect should be regarded as nothing. I am totally disagreeing about the second opinion. As it has been said above, either NiMH or lithium batteries both have a memory effect, thevgp-bps13life will be shortened if you charge in this way.



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