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How after all these years, or what did I do to get mood disorder, ADHD, and maybe dyslexia

Posted by roseofsharon55

 I was always a little hyper, but within a few years I have been put on medication for being mad, sad, you name it. Even the people around me I was losing because they didn't like the way I was and I started hating myself.So we get that under control after I was told by two doctors I had bipolar. So ...... you know what I did with them?Then I went to another Dr., he told me to go see a shrink, went to three. I have a mood disorder. I love how they came up with this. If I went out shopping and having sex all the time then I have b ipolar. I remember when I decided that I need to see some one and that is when a neighbor got in my face, after a little yelling I notice a shovel leaning against my house and I saw myself hitting him over the head with it. So I stopped screaming back, got quiet, looked at the shovel, then at him, and told him he better get out of here. It was the funniest thing because he totally stopped screaming at me in the middle of his sentence and looked at me strangely and left. I don't sleep, my brain is going 10/40, I constantly changing the subject,I go from one part of the house cleaning but it really doesnt get done, I can't finish anything, If anything is to long to read, I just close it up and save it for a rainy day. You don't even know how long this has taken me, I was worried about it freezing up, but I guess they don't do that any more, and yes do what I am doing right now, RAMBLING. Which drives my husband crazy. Now for the past few months I have been screaming at Avon for messing my orders up all the time. I was always missing products, well I noticed it a few times writing it wrong and I joked about it to my mother and friends,its like I am getting dyslexia. Well Hahaha, the joke is on me because I really think I have it.Before were numbers, now letters here and there. I also have high blood pressure  and coll. I also am on medication to slow my heart and my adrenaline down, heart rate sitting still was 144. So I found out that wasn't good.I don't even what meds I can take. I am allergic to morphine, penicillian, anti-flamitories,plus most drugs that are suppose to make you drowsy or put you to sleep don't or they make me more hyper. One Dr. yelled at a nurse to give me more anestetic sorry about the spelling, but I really don't care, anyway He was trying to put a needle in my neck and I was moving like crazy, said it was like operating on a moving target. And I told her in the beginning I will need 7.5 of the stuff they were giving me and she wouldn't because she said it would knock an elephant out. Well I am no elephant. So that is it in a nut shell. Good luck, Sharon
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