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Posted Apr 23 2009 5:25pm's a fact. If it isn't bad enough dealing with teenage hormones...having ADHD on top of that can best be described as "tricky" or "embarrassing" at worst like "holding back a 10 foot wall of water with a donut".

"Overly Pre occupied with sex" they called it. Pre -occupied, hell I was always occupied with sex. Lets make something clear here a 15 year old boy lives in his washroom add ADHD and meds. There appears to be a evidence that when a person is clinically someone with ADHD (and we are not talking about the billions wrongly diagnosed - we will discuss that later) they have a higher sex drive. This could be due to the increased adrenaline or the wiring of the brain but it is/was there. I was a freaking rabbit in high school and university..if it moved..well you know the rest..then there is the meds.

Yep.. the meds. Most of the meds that people with ADHD are on are amphetamine derivatives, uppers, speed..stimulants. Guess what? they stimulate EVERYTHING!. They increase neurotranmsitters and effect how your body uses Dopamine and Dopamine is linked to libido.

Now lets also be clear some of the newer meds like Adderall will occasionally effect the "equipment". reports of " AHHH!!" shrinkage and tight feeling in the "boys" have been reported. This However usually wears off as the body adjusts to the meds..

So what am I saying.
  • If you are an adolescent with ADHD and you think you may be going insane because you can't stop thinking about sex. Don't worry it happens with ADHD
  • If you are involved with someone who has ADHD and they are insatiable - learn to enjoy it or at the least understand why they are
  • If you are an adult with ADHD...well you've been there and now you know you are not alone

okay that's my 3 cents worth (1.37 cents in this economy)

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