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honest to tell parents how to love her nike air bruin max sale and want her to stay

Posted Mar 09 2013 1:31am
He has always been clumsy conversation, his conversation, there are only two, one is and teach them a speech. Or else, is the easy joke. Him with affection to convince a girl, he really did not have this ability. They letter next morning, the of Jiang Yang Zhi determination and Jiang Yanrong talk about. He Jiang Yanrong called up, and very much hope that Jiang Yanrong, easy and honest to tell parents how to love her nike air bruin max sale and want her to stay at home in this warm, not to blindly being deceived. However, he does not have openings, Jiang Yanrong to a patient, passive, ready to be scolded Eye looked at him. Later in this wink, Jiang Yang Zhi also appreciate a rebellious nature, and a stubborn stubborn. Sighed, Jiang Yangchih only asked softly: Yan Yung, in the end Ai Kangnan what place? Listen to your mother said, he was not pretty, nor handsome, but also nothing particularly remarkable place. "

Jiang Yanrong lowered his eyes, then gently said:"Daddy, love happens when there is not any reason to tell, can not explain the father, you will not use the secular vision to measure love it!" "But you thought you this love is substandard common sense, would be nike blazer men sale subjected to attack someone else? "" I can not control other people, "Jiang Yanrong stubborn, said:" This is my own thing, nothing to do with someone else, is not it? person alive for yourself, not for others and alive, is not it? "" No, you do not know, people have to live for others! people can not be separated from the society around the world have criticized you, you will not live happily. not just love life, you will also need a lot of things, including parents, brothers, sisters, and friends!
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