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Holistic Psychiatry is CorePsych

Posted Jan 04 2010 10:06pm

A New View: gato-gato-gato via Flickr

The Core of Psychiatry is Changing – Neuroscience Evidence Changes Thinking

We’ve been talking about the evolution of psychiatry here at CorePsych Blog for more than 3 years – and you know from these pages that mind progress has been dramatic. From SPECT brain imaging, to NeuroScience testing, the new technology provides distinctive different ways to understand old problems.

This January 26 & 27, just a few weeks away, you will have an opportunity to take a deeper step into that change process: The Holistic Health Virtual Conference: Empowering Whole People – I hope you can join me there.

This Holistic Health conference introduces a different view for the new year: Science applied to Health: mind and body connections – all hooked up with evidence that works in everyday life – from some of the most respected national thought leaders.

Hosted by the quick and effervescent Jennifer Koretsky, the conference will have that same here-is-what-to-do-next, bottom line, street-smart focus on applications, not theory. Jennifer hosted the Virtual AD/HD Conference last year, and is the author of Odd One Out: The Mavericks Guide to Adult ADD, and brings an easy-listening experience to her conferences.

Join me with two of my esteemed colleagues:

1. Mark Hyman MD: Three-time NY Times Best Selling author of The UltraMind Solution and functional medicine pioneer. I met Mark about 5 years ago, and have shared a number of patients with Mark. He is absolutely one of the most important thought leaders in the holistic health movement, has testified on Holistic/Preventative Health issues before Congress, is a board member of the Institute for Functional Medicine, and is one of the best speakers on this topic out there. You will enjoy Mark’s great information, engaging sense of humor,. and practical advice.

2. Daniel Amen MD: Has written 23 books, has appeared on PBS regularly, and is a national thought leader in psychiatry who has significantly changed our outlook on the use of brain evidence in everyday office practice. I had the privilege of working with Daniel for 4 years, starting in 2003 with our opening of Amen Clinic DC, in Reston, VA, – and can report without reservation that the tour with him up there significantly changed my professional life – my practice of psychiatry. When you hear him talk, you will agree, he is another one of the very best speakers out there. Engaging, witty, humorous and practical, he will be talking about mind body connections and will definitely get you thinking about evidence that works.

My presentation: So much of our current health delivery system in psychiatry is limited to the best in psychopharmacology – and directed to illness in the moment. Frequently, speaking from my own past experience, we have limited our view to the synapse, as the only tools we have used are medications that hit those brain synaptic connections. With new tools, new evidence, and new thinking, we now have a much more comprehensive way to measure brain health.We are rapidly moving from macro to micro in our new assessment strategies. I will summarize what you need to know to get started.

It won’t matter who you are, public or professional, you need to hear this information to effectively practice 21st century health medicine, 21st century self care. Start the New Year right: Holistic Health Conference.

Hope to see you there, and do retweet this below if you think your followers might be interested in the real deal. ;-)
Talk soon,

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