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Holiday Shopping Tips for ADD adults

Posted Nov 17 2008 11:50pm



There are only 8 shopping days left till Christmas and the first day of Hanukkah. Many adults with ADD tend to procrastinate holiday shopping because the whole ordeal can be overwhelming. Here are a couple of shopping tips to help ease your holiday anxiety.

1. Try to avoid the malls and the gigantic superstores.

Under normal circumstance the malls and superstores can be over stimulating for an ADD adult. However during the holiday season everything is more distracting; there are more people shopping, the holiday music always seems louder, there are more choices, and more displays. It is easy to make poor impulsive choices or to get discouraged and not buy anything at all. A lot of adults with ADD like to go to smaller stores that they are familiar with in order to reduce the stimulation, I find that in the smaller stores there are more unique choices to help you better fit your gift with the person that your are giving it to. Other ADD adults like to shop on-line to avoid the hassle and to find unique gifts.

2.  Divide you shopping into smaller trips.

Going on a shopping trip trying to buy fifteen presents can be overwhelming.  But if you go out on a shopping trip to get three to five presents you are more likely to achieve your goal.  To make it easier you shopping trips can have a theme, like one shopping trip can be to just get presents for your nephews & nieces. This will also limit the amount of stores that you have to choose from each trip.

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