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Hockey Night In Canada

Posted Nov 01 2009 12:00am

First of all, I have to say The Blind Side was awesome! It was such  a good movie, I laughed, I cried, Im buying it when it comes out!

This morning, for the first weekend in awhile my sweet little dog let me sleep in. She usually runs out of patience around 7 or 8 and sits about an inch away from my face and just stares at me. I know shes there because I can feel her tail wagging. If I so much as open one eye, she gets all excited and starts licking my face. Today she held off until 9 am. We were off to a good start.
I took her out for our morning walk, and got the coffee going so it would be ready when I got back. Once I had been properly caffeinated, I could make breakfast.
This morning was a giant green monster made with spinach, almond milk, flax, and frozen fruit. The fruit was a mix of mango, pineapple, and berries.  Delicious!

I did absolutely nothing all day today (other than workout of course). I pretty much sat around and watched tv until 4:30 when I left for my parents house – as I am still stealing their internet. My heat still doesnt want to work, the landlord says this happened last year and it just started working one day. So Im waiting for that day. In the meantime I have a space heater, which actually gets my place way too hot quite quickly. I learned this while riding my exercise bike and watching PS I Love You on the movie channel. It didnt take long before I was dripping with sweat, and thought “HEY lets do some hot yoga!” So if nothing else, I had a wonderful workout today.
To cool down I ventured out into the cold outdoors and took the dog for another walk. It was pretty cold out, but after working out in my sweltering little home, it felt soooo good!!
For lunch I made some french onion soup with homemade turkey broth that my mom sent home with me last night. I wasnt really sure whether that was a good idea or not, but I wanted to use it, and I wanted french onion soup. I added some wine to the broth because lets be honest, everything tastes better with wine!

It turned out really well! I was quite impressed.

In about half an hour I am headed to the Canucks game. Now, dont get the wrong idea because much to the disappointment of my family, and my boyfriend – I am not by any means, a hockey fan. Actually, I hate it. But my boss offered me free tickets to the game so I could take my boyfriend, and trying to earn some cool girlfriend points, I happily accepted.
Of course, I must have pissed karma off that day, because in a very unfortunate coincidence, it just so happens that my boyfriend won tickets to this same exact game at work. My seats are better (and dont think I didnt tell him that over and over) - and I cant just NOT go. So Im taking my dad. Hes a big hockey fan, so at least now I get some awesome daughter points!! Plus – hes driving!! I hate taking the skytrain for these events, and I cant drive downtown. I just get lost. So its a win win!!
Hopefully the energy of the crowd will make it exciting!

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