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his appetite is not to be new balance 1300 uk underestimated Day taste of three

Posted Nov 21 2012 7:28am
Look, Zhu Generally known as "balls" (because of its large appetite, fat round was Rong name) is to prepare the meal, the face of two boxes, a big bowl of soup - this appetite record This canteen highest on record, saw his left hand a spoon, chopsticks in his right hand, right hand turn, both ultra-high efficiency, plus he goes "lion's mouth", its speed so far unmatched. Look at the matches brother "small flat, do not look skinny, so-called in vain,he, his appetite is not to be new balance 1300 uk underestimated. Day taste of three eggs, fish, vegetables each 22 "is the lowest standard, but unfortunately his stomach straight pipe, is only responsible for the delivery of food, but the efficacy of the lack of absorption of nutrients, so he is always with the" fat "" stout "missed the only companion to" match "pickles dry", sad!

Alas! Moreover accidentally devoured the occasion of the virtues of cooked rice stick to the bridge of the nose, can be described as the "Central Plains a little white ...... really want to really want to return to the past, back to that does not worry the day, back that no new balance uk ear Flattering me whiles bar, back to that struggle with the struggle of the time, however, I flinch let's all happened.I remember I made a class or fire, seeing the exam should be streamed classmates disagree, only individual slapstick, I already happened to me, I already know what to do, and students look at the moment so I was too sad, I thought I had the face of a placement students will be hard work, not to waste this valuable time, but .
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