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High waist pack rescue pear-shaped figure

Posted Oct 23 2012 6:09am

    Upper body more thin, fleshy and fat body is vividly called "pear-shaped body." All day and night sitting in front of a computer, we get fat accumulation of stomach, cheap canvas shoes  hips and difficult to eliminate. Clothes getting more thick, if dressing incorrectly can make the whole look is extremely bloated. It is time to carry on the plan of  losing weight, and learn to use high-waist fit to weaknesses.

01 Skirt style windbreaker with a high waist belt outline the slim waist, wide hem hides the fat, leaving only women graceful curve. Matching with a scarf, worth of style indescribable, cheap shoes canvas  can better play the role of the attention focus on the shift of "overstating".

02 Nonspecific regular length jacket should be avoided to a pear-shaped body. The waist-to-hip will weaks the proportion of the height of the hip line, waist looks rough and butt looks fatter. The short coat is a good choice, the waist fine happens to be in the upper body, which makes thin multiplier effect.

03 Simple silhouette is neat generous which fits the up circumference less plump pear-shaped body girls. The collar minimalist design, the gaunt visual effects brought by the upper body makes people do not expect the lower body can not show people actually secretly hidden.

04 Retro gives opportunities for the pear-shaped body girls. A high waist fashionable dress can cleverly hide body defects. Cute doll collar naturally makes the sight move. The sleeve design exposes most slender arm paragraph, our fat pygals are automatically ignored by others~

05 Colorful patterns make people can not tell the actual situation. Even if the the convex lower abdomen can also be easily hidden. High waist under the breast line has the ethnic wind of grace, enhancing the visual effect of the height should not be underestimated.

06 The seemingly carelessly bow laced in waist is the lacing on the cake, which adds a  sweet and elegant for retro temperament. Bow placed in the side of the waist, is asymmetrical beauty, and more than have the function of split visual so that the waistline shows up.

07 Comes to down part, high waist pants are unavoidable. Since above the hip bone are thiner lines. Waist pants strengthen these curves and hip looks healthy rounded is quite Alice, rather than flabby bloated. Short style matching long coat can also make thin effect double Oh!

08 Embellished waist head agaric strutting outside, coupled with bow belt having a kind of bouquet-like feeling. Attention focused on the high waist parts, harem pants thin advantage gets more prominent. Casually matching a T-shirt or shirt will be able to wear clothing with pure European and American style.

09 High waist matching whith bell-bottoms is filled with a deep sense of retro taste. The secret of its' longevity  is the female charm. Modifying hip curve, with the beauty of trousers kind of walking swing skirt sway, it can better cover up the leg type non-straight small defects.

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