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Head of the Class

Posted Dec 10 2008 11:16am 1 Comment

There was a movie on the other night that I decided to watch, "Head of the Class."  Being your typical guy, being that it was a "Hallmark movie," I quickly grabbed the remote control ... but since the story was about a kid with Tourette Syndrome, I gave it a chance, and woulnd up watching the entire movie.

I'll leave the movie critique to others, because I was just interested in the story - the true story of Brad Cohen.

Brad's story is really important for all, but today I'd like to specifically recommend it to anyone with ADHD and/or knows someone with ADHD.  It's a story of a kid who was misunderstood, had difficulty making friends, found himself "in trouble" often, and yet kept pushing forward with his life.

Brad referred to his Tourette's as his "constant companion," and said it was the "toughest and most dedicated teacher" he's ever had in his life.  

And what did his "toughest teacher" teach him?

To keep going.

Not to let it stop you.

Not to let it win.

Never let anything stop you from chasing your dreams!

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you most mean front of the class (
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