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Having to find alternates when medication isn’t one.

Posted Nov 06 2008 11:40pm

I have been sick lately.  Not life threatening but sick enough.  I am on round 3 of antibiotics for some kind of infection.  This round is kicking the snot (pun intended) out of my infection but it (and the others) have affected my digestive system.  I have had to stop taking my stimulant medication and am therefore finding other ways to help me focus.

This is a good thing.  I don’t intend to be on medication for the rest of my life.  My goal is to use it as a tool and not a need.  Use it when there is an important project that I HAVE to focus on, etc.

For now I am leaning heavily on my ’systems’ that the medication helped me put in place - IE:my cell phone reminders. 

I have discovered that when I’m not on my meds I am more creative and prone to creating wonderful lesson plans.  When I am on my medication I am more apt to actually follow the lesson plans - task master.  So now I need to be able to use this.  Take the meds when it is time to teach and create lessons when I have time to not be on the meds.

UH OH, the problem then, is time….. If only I could teach 1/2 a day and plan 1/2 a day…..I need to get a new lap top.  That also helps with the creativity and can be used at home, at night. 

Ok. Tool I have discovered to help me focus when I am fading.  A game.  Simple.  It can be a sudoku, an electronic card game something like that.  My games of choice come from a website:  I will play a quick game of cards or other concentration to get me focused and then I can move on.  The big trick is not getting too focused and absorbed in the game.  THAT can waste an hour (more?).

As long as I can keep track of time and know that I have 10 mins to ‘focus’ I’m good. 

My son is also learning when he NEEDS to take his meds and when it’s ok or even good for him NOT to take them.  If there is a special day at school, he doesn’t take them.  If he is going hunting with Dad, he will probably take them.  He is also now, remembering them and not requiring me to remind him THANK YOU GOD!!

He is recognizing when he needs to focus and when he can ‘float’.  I am proud of that.  Hopefully, he will be able to manage his own tasks and time as an adult, without all the frustrations his father and I have gone through.

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