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Have a Fun Filled April Fools Day With Pranks, Jokes And Tricky Gadgets

Posted Mar 12 2013 7:33am
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Elmira, NY April 1st is fast approaching. It is just round the corner. It is time to fool someone and have fun. Good April fools jokes can make both the prankster and the victim have a hearty laugh. Hurting and humiliating jokes should be avoided. Plan your jokes ahead and enjoy the holiday spirit. This day is one of the best days in the year because people can play pranks on anyone and get away with it. There are many safe April fool tricks to enlighten the day. Given below are some safe tricks that are truly enjoyable.

April fool pranks can be made with or without gadgets. Lifelike insects have been the favorites for many years. They include scary Black tarantula, black scorpion, cockroach and snakes etc. These toys are the ideal ones to make people scream with fright on April fool's day. These frightful gadgets are usually sticky and can be stuck anywhere. Placing them in unsuspected places can add to the fun. Luminous skeleton and ghost head masks are all time favorites to scare your friends in the dark. Small lifelike insects can be placed in socks, shoes, food and refrigerators. 

There are many new gadgets available for April fool pranks. Gunny worms can be poked into an apple. Serve this apple and watch their faces after they take a bite of the apple. Their facial expression is sure to bring roars of laughter. Whoopie cushions are the best gadgets to have fun in the office. Place them on a colleague's chair. When he or she sits down it makes a silly noise that can be heard by everyone in the room. Watch them give a sheepish grin. Mild electric shock chewing gum can frighten anyone. There are light-operated eggs that start to vibrate the moment light falls on it. It can be placed in the egg rack of refrigerator. The victim is sure to get a shock when he sees an egg vibrating in the refrigerator. 

Good April fool jokes can be enjoyed with simple gadgets like rubber band, fake snow, confetti, old cloth and balloon etc. Wrap a rubber band on the kitchen sink sprayer. Wait for the victim to open the tap. The water sprays on him with force giving him a nasty shock. Spray fake snow on the windows of the bedroom. The victim is sure to be taken back with surprise to see snow in the month of April. Spraying confetti is a harmless joke that would give a pleasant surprise to the victim. Fill a cup with confetti. Place it on the ceiling fan blade. When the fan in switched on, the cup topples and the confetti starts to fall down. Drop a coin on the ground. When the victim bends to take the coin, you should tear a piece of old cloth. The victim is sure to be fooled that his or her pants has torn at the back. Tie a balloon to the car's tire. When the car starts to move, the balloon bursts making the victim believe that the tire has blown up. 

Find the most funny and tricky gadgets on April fool's day. Play harmless good April fool's day jokes on your loved ones. Add laughter and fun to the day with harmless April fools pranks. It is a day to laugh, enjoy and have fun. Plans should be made early to make sure that the pranks played are the best pranks that can never be forgotten.

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