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Hard to cut the military budget,

Posted Mar 07 2013 2:27am

Japanese Government Deputy Chief  nike air max 1 cheap     Housing Officer World farming Hiroshige this statement at a press conference in the 5th prudent to judge both from the cost and effect, which will continue the discussion as the issue of the Government's overall. Hokkaido Shimbun said the proposal for the modification of the Japanese government, the Coast Guard memory strongly negative views.
The Chinese military experts LiuJiangPing, 5, an interview with the "Global Times" reporter, said there are three main advantages of the warship refit sea patrol boats, power and fast speed steel plate. Earlier, the Chinese navy tugboats, icebreakers, destroyers have been converted into the ocean surveillance ship, the advantage is quite significant. LiuJiangPing warships converted into a maritime patrol boats will remove all the weapons and equipment, communications equipment and navigation radar, sea-air search radar system can be retained, which is a warship refit advantage. Its main drawback is that the number of retired warships aging problem may be temporarily out of failure, maintenance  nike air max 24-7 mens sale   is also more complicated to. Japanese "diplomat" website said in the March 5 issue of strategic uncertainty in Asia continued to rise, U.S. President Barack Obama's nuclear disarmament strategy has caused controversy. The article suggested that the decline, the relative importance of its nuclear superiority may rise due to the conventional dominant position of the U.S. in Asia, Japan, Korea and other allies of their security worries, may cause the United States to Asia "nuclear transfer".
The article entitled "Asia nuclear transfer, that the continued growth of the Asian strategic uncertainty, will President Obama's nuclear disarmament program had to be terminated. Obama is most reluctant to see: Asian nuclear transfer.
Hard to cut the military budget, China is  cheap nike air max classic bw   once again raise the military budget, which has become a critical issue, rather than unfounded. "The article said," At present, the the Asian strategic uncertainty with nuclear deterrence interaction is the world's most tricky, but the most critical security challenges. "
In 2009, Obama announced to reduce reliance on nuclear weapons, and called on the United States and Russia sharply referee nuclear arms, to strengthen the basis for nuclear non-proliferation. This stance Ying won consistent praise from outside. Many top nuclear expert also believes that a world without nuclear weapons is favorable to the United States and allies. From strategic terms, the United States can reduce reliance on nuclear weapons, because of the traditional strengths of the U.S. will always exist. But if the situation is no longer so?
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