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Guidance on Laptop Battery Purchase

Posted Aug 27 2013 7:28am

Firstly,whenwe are buyinglaptops, we should not only pay attention tothe type of the battery, but also should pay attention tothe battery capacityand its actualuse of time. Generally, in order to meet the dailyneeds of mobile office, it will be much better if theAcer Laptop Batteriescan last formore than three hours. At present,the capacity ofAcer Laptop Battery replacementis generally3000 ~ 4500mAh,andvery few are with6000mAhcapacity. The higher the capacity, the battery can last muchlonger.

Secondly, consumers should pay enough attention to the quality ofbattery for Acer Laptop, because some of the major notebook manufacturers have already encountered trouble caused by poor quality batteries: DELL laptop battery has encountered fire accident resulted from short circuit, making 27,000 laptop batteries to be recycled; Compaq (COMPAQ) companies have recovered and replaced about 55,000 batteries sold together with some laptop battery pack for the similar reason.

Finally, when purchasing a laptop, we should be sure to pay close attention to the warranty promised by battery manufacturers. Among all the accessories of notebook computers,battery for acer aspireare in the shortest warranty period, most of which are just been provided warranty for 3 months to six months, and some even do not be included in warranty, so it is rare for the battery warranty period up to one year. Therefore, consumers should make sure about the warranty period and conditions of the battery when purchasing a new laptop, after all laptop batteries are not cheap.



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