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Gregg popovich: all star false play singing could cause antagonism

Posted Feb 17 2013 3:16am
Beijing time on February 17,, according to Reuters, the NBA all-star game (micro bo) has been a lot of people think is talent players, fans enjoy a basketball a recreational activities, but the west all-star team coach gregg popovich think, NBA players may eventually in the all-star game "false play singing" Nike Air Max 2013 and trigger antagonism between them. "The main aim of the all-star game is entertainment, the players want to show them the individual talent, some people also want to play with in the play. And some of the players is don't like and some other players on the same team, they are unlikely to play in the same team play." Gregg popovich said, "once the all-star game play to the fourth quarter, some players will begin to struggle, they will be an intense confrontation, they want to win, it's may lead to the antagonism between players." The western conference all-star game in the last two times all win, including last year with durant heroics of 36 points in a 152-149 victory over the eastern Cheap Nike Air Max 2013 all-star team, durant also at last year's all-star game won the MVP award. "For the fans is an incredible weekend, because they can be in a game to see all of their favorite players on at the same time." The Miami heat star lebron James said, "we in the all star weekend between each other, get on very well." James also admitted that the all-star game in the first half we were under the play, the second half of the play hardball. "In the second half the game, everyone will inspire their competitive state." James added, "in the nodes, the two teams are all want to win."The western all-star starting guard Chris Paul, says that the all-star game "means everything". "Without the support of the fans, we will not have a chance to here, enjoy the whole process. Paul said, "all star weekend for us to participate in one of the players is a pilgrimage, is a great honour." Paul said, all-star weekend can let oneself and in other team good friends get together, this feeling is like a Nike Air Max 2012 family party as. "Season in the process, a game, you are usually not the opportunity to own in the other team's friends to chat. Paul said, "now for me, as a father, I can take my child to attend this event is also the whole process of the best part."Beijing time on February 17,, according to the Houston chronicle news, haddon revealed his ankle injury has improved, and at the same time, he also said he told gregg popovich, hope to be able to play in the all-star game forty minutes. The all-star game in Houston, haddon is undoubtedly one of the most popular players, as the central figure, full beard also naturally want to try to show a, in an interview, haddon revealed that his ankle Cheap Nike Air Max 2012 injury has improved, and he is looking forward to in the all-star game will adjust to the best fitness level. But as the western all-star coach, gregg popovich is that protect haddon, although the latter as the host player, but after all, health or should be in the first place. "Those in the home court player should have more time, for me it is nothing, he always said he felt very good, but some time, you can't believe the players, they will need to be protected, and at the same time, they also want to protect yourself." Haddon is in the us local time on Tuesday against the warriors of the game injured, when he stepped on David lee feet, leading to a sprained ankle, then haddon didn't play against the clippers, although the ankle is in recovery, but still in his beard to first all-star journey to visitors.
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