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Google Goggles For ADD

Posted Feb 29 2012 10:12am

In a world of instant gratification, everyone wants in now! Many ADD’ers are challenged by patience and need that stimulation, thus you’ll see ADD manifested in challenges like addictions, thrill-seeking behavior, or enjoyment of risk. However, I stumbled across a great tool for instant gratification and delivering the “now” factor, Google Goggles.  For those of you who don’t know, Google Goggles is an app. Once installed on your smart phone, you simply point at a product or logo and shoot a picture with your smartphone’s built-in camera. Within seconds, the MVS (Multiple Virtual Storage) application will provide product or company information, or even the option to make a purchase right then and there on your mobile device. Yes, instant gratification is the norm, whether you have ADD or not.

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