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Gluten Sensitive? Check your Rx

Posted Feb 17 2013 12:00am

A friend who has ADHD and is also very gluten-sensitive recently has been suffering with one inexplicable malady after another. Finally, an explanation: the gluten in the generic medication she has been taking. Here is some information from the Celiac Disease & Gluten Sensitivity page at :

For both the consumer and the pharmacist, unless a medication is specifically labeled as gluten-free, calling the manufacturer is the only way to confirm the medication’s gluten-free status.

In prescription and over-the-counter medicines, fillers (also called “inactive ingredients” or “excipients”) are added to the active drug. Fillers provide shape and bulk for tablets and capsules, aid in water absorption (helping the tablet to disintegrate), and serve other purposes as well. Fillers can be derived from any starch source, including corn, potatoes, tapioca and wheat.

Unfortunately, very few medications are labeled as gluten-free. Inactive ingredients may be listed on the box or the package insert, but it is difficult if not impossible (even for pharmacists) to tell if these are derived from gluten. [continued at ]

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