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Gluten Notes: Respiration, B12, and Nutritional References

Posted Sep 16 2008 4:55am

Gluten Postings

This brief note will keep you linked with more interesting information about gluten sensitivity and the medical and psychiatric implications. 97% of celiac disease remains undiagnosed and untreated... and if those are the numbers for celiac, just imagine what's going on with gluten sensitivity.

A Book Note:

Journey over to the new books at CorePsych Books listed under Metabolism and Diet. There you will find several on the new Gluten shelf including this new book: Celiac Disease a Hidden Epidemic written by Peter Green Director of the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University.

"The true medical impact of celiac disease is just beginning to emerge. This is the first authoritative guide on how the condition is properly diagnosed, treated, and managed."

On Respiration and Gluten Sensitivity

Recently had an inquiry from an interesting reader with multiple immune dysregulations and adrenal fatigue who was wondering about difficulty catching her breath during martial arts sparring. Looks like autonomic dysregulation frequently occurs with gluten sensitivity. Take a look at this link for the many lung conditions possibly associated with gluten sensitivity.

And read on for more...

Vitamin D Loss and Gluten Sensitivity

Vitamin D levels may be insufficient with gluten sensitivity and bring about a "softening" of bones (osteomalacia), which produces pain and bony deformities. Defects in the tooth enamel, characteristic of celiac disease, may also occur. This important recent article on all of the nuances of Vitamin D points out the oft prescribed 50,000 iu doses is actually the less effective D2Download diagnosis-vitdd.pdf  

B-12 Loss with Gluten Sensitivity

B-12 is often lost with gluten sensitivity. I owe one of my esteemed readers from Australia a big thanks on this observation months ago, and include this interesting link with some excellent references for those interested in this pervasive connection.

Folic Acid Loss and White Matter Lesions [Brain] with Gluten Sensitivity

And see this article on the pervasive effects of celiac on brain tissue in pediatrics with notes on other nutritional deficiencies downstream.

Yes, we should be paying attention to this one.

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