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Franchise Advertisements for Best Marketing Advantage

Posted Jul 03 2012 12:19pm

Good franchise advertisements have never been more important nor had such a huge impact on the success of franchising. As franchising expands in an increasingly competitive marketplace – up again by 5 per cent last year, according to the 2011 franchise survey – all franchises must make sure that their brands stand out from the crowd. The most effective way to achieve this is through franchise advertisements, applied consistently to promote a business in every aspect of development.

So, what exactly is “franchise advertisements”? An advertisement is an umbrella term that covers everything involved in the process of taking a concept to market.

It embraces design and packaging, social media, paid advertising, public relations, websites, direct mail, newsletters, e-marketing, exhibitions and conferences, demonstrations, networking events and special promotions. With so many options, most people need some guidance and, given the importance of franchise marketing, you need to look carefully at a franchisor’s prospectus to see what they’re offering. If marketing is not mentioned in the brochure, remember to ask at the first meeting if it is included in the training. But, to go back to the beginning: while you are still a prospective franchisee, considering your options and trying to decide which franchise to choose, look carefully at each one’s marketing strategies.

Managing and owning a franchise business can be extremely rewarding. You get a chance to have a powerful effect on the success of a company and individuals who work with or for you and to make all the decisions. Franchise advertisements are a lot of responsibility. To support yourself, you will need to ensure that you keep the franchise business alive and growing and those who are working for you. Most franchisors have comprehensive marketing plans in place for the overall franchise. The national plan typically includes advertising campaigns, commercials via television and radio, Internet advertising, public relations, and direct mail efforts. Therefore brand recognition is widely established. Franchisors that do not manage marketing on a national level usually provide an outline for the franchisees to follow in preparing their marketing plan on a local level.

There are various options available in which franchisees can tailor the marketing efforts to the immediate area.

First of all, it is important that franchisees know the types of customers and their specific needs in their particular locations. Demographics and culture should always be taken into careful consideration.

Then franchisees should focus on promoting their products and services through advertising campaigns, public relations, and the Internet. Franchisees may also be linked into the franchise’s main web site depending on how the organization is structured. In addition, it is critical to maintain a steady consistent customer base. Loyalty and reward programs tend to work well. Special promotions and coupons are also popular methods of keeping returning customers.

Further, franchisees should be active in local community activities and participate in charitable organizations if possible. They may wish to consider sponsoring activities such as local sporting events as part of this effort.

Marketing materials such as brochures and flyers can also be helpful in getting the word out about a particular franchise in the area. They may also provide information about specials that would attract new customers.

Franchises have a greater chance of success than independently opened businesses; however you still have to put effort into them. Therefore, you the franchise owner will need to find a way to make it happen, if your franchise is in need of more business. Grassroots marketing or advertisements are great ways to promote your business.

What is the best marketing and advertising mode for promoting a franchise company? Does it make sense to use social networks, franchise trade journals, industry trade publications, published franchise directories, entrepreneurial type magazines, radio, TV, or buying keywords on search engines? Yes, will be the answer. Often large franchise companies look at the data; the types of franchise advertisements they are running and what works and what does not and all those methods have been tried. Every now or then, if you'd like not have to learn the hard way, you can save a lot of money or waste advertising dollars on things which do not pull for you. Successful franchise sales are the best possible advertising for any franchise opportunity.

What does the marketing plan cover? Is it focused on selling techniques? Does it include social media, advertising, internet promotion, and PR? Does it include web promotion and links? Does it include marketing materials and templates that franchisees can adapt to use locally?

Does the franchisor employ a dedicated marketing specialist in-house, or retain a freelance PR and/or marketing professional, available to help franchisees as well? How familiar is the franchisor with Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media? How much help does the franchisor provide to franchisees? And, what elements of franchise marketing are provided free by the franchisor and which are charged to franchisees?

Success cannot be kept hidden. All successful franchisees are best franchise advertisements for the franchisor company. They would not need to spend so much money advertising, if more franchisors would spend more time making their franchisees successful and helping them; mentoring, nurturing, and assisting them. When things are working well everyone sees it and that is the interesting thing about franchising.

Even your competition will immediately try to imitate your franchise sales model and copy you. If at all a franchisor successful, that is another good way to tell. The best franchise buyers by the way are not the ones that you go out and recruit rather those that find you. They are already sold; they already know what they want to do. All you have to do is to take the order by looking at their application. Often advertising a franchise opportunity will also help your brand name, franchise sales, and it is more impressions and views in the eyes of the consumers and clients of all your franchisees, as well is a way to remind people that your opportunity exists. However, after people see successful franchisees in your system, you should never forget that your very best marketing advantage comes from word-of-mouth advertising.

Finally, referrals are always an important part of a marketing package. Referrals can be exchanged with other business owners or via existing clients. An incentive program with existing clients who refer new clients is a popular method of obtaining referrals.

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