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For those of you who though Adult ADHD was a thing of the past…

Posted Nov 21 2008 3:00pm

It’s not.  It’s still affecting people and doctors are still insensitive to it, at least in some cases.  I know that there are times when I can’t manage to make it through a day with a coherent train of though, and I’ve been self managing ADHD all my life. (There were no “miracle pills” when I was a kid.  In fact, no one had ever heard of ADHD, it wasn’t even a term yet.)

So it comes as no great surprise to me that there are adults who struggle harder than I do.  I’m lucky.  My mother worked for many years to teach me how to get a grip on myself.  To redirect my innatentiveness and focus on what needed to be done “now”  There will always be time for the laters…  At least on most days there will.

I just ran across a post at ADHDForums where someone feels that they could use more help.  They aren’t really getiing it on local subsidized medication.  This, again, is no surprise.  Unfortunately I’m not from the area they live in.

If you happen to pop in here and are from Michigan, please check out this post and see if you can offer a little insight. I’m sure the poster would apprecieate any guidance he or she can get.

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