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Features, Installation and Functions of Alldata Version 10.10 Diagnostic Tool

Posted Jan 24 2014 2:27am

The  Alldata version  is a computer based diagnostic, repair and estimating information tool for automotive services. The tool is loaded with different programs as well as different software. The software include: Alldata 10.10, Mitchell and Alldata 3-24. The tool has a total memory of 250GB thus incorporating factory correct maintenance schedules with other additional required services.


Alldata version 10.10 comes with different features for performing different functions. The different features are meant to suit its multi tasking operations. The features include:

· Providing ample information of vehicles manufactured in 1982 up to date.

· An integrated estimating software

· Maintenance schedules of different vehicles

·Displaying OEM diagrams

· Displaying different diagnostic flow charts

· Displaying different diagnostic images

·Providing all information on labour and different parts of the tool

· O.E.M wiring charts

· O.E.M power distribution

· The O.E.M ground as well as splice information.

· Easy all vehicle’s component search.

· Manufacturer’s recall information

· Manufacturer’s TSBs


Alldata HDD  repair computer based OBDII diagnostic tool performs different functions. It provides users with easy access to a single source of accurate OE direct diagnosis of different arts of the vehicle. It also provides quick and intuitive professional navigation to users. The software also contains different articles which help users with accurate information on procedures and diagrams while working on the vehicle. Furthermore, it has the ability to quote modules on mechanical repairs. The mechanical repairs include the OE parts as well as the industry accepted labour information.


Alldata version  installation software requires disabling or rather uninstalling the computer’s antivirus. This is vital to avoid flagging up of the software for being a virus since it contains the application file. Secondly, Alldata version 10.10 requires windows XP and not any other operating system.


The Alldata version works in vehicles manufactured in 1996 up to date. The Alldata version 10.10 is compatible with Chevrolet cars, Cadillac cars, Chrysler cars and trucks, Ford cars and trucks, jeep trucks, mercury cars and trucks, Oldsmobile cars and trucks among many others.


With the  Alldata version 10.10, irrespective of the parameter you choose to measure your productivity; be it the diversity of vehicles, the time you spend on vehicle’s diagnosis and repair, or the number of vehicles repaired on a daily basis, utilizing the updated version of the tool is very essential. For professional shops, an updated version is necessary in order to meet very complex demands ever arising in the automotive industry. Furthermore, the software can easily be updated on the internet. This is due to day to day new improvement of the software by manufacturers in order to suit complex demands.


Alldata Version 10.10 Information HDD - Click Image to Close

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