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Euthanasia and religion

Posted Dec 21 2009 9:11am

Todays posts is related to the controverisal topic of euthanasia. This topic comes up as TOI gives headlines "SC admits woman's plea to end life", published on Dec 13 09. This article highlights the plight of a woman and her family who has been lying paralysed and comatose since 36 years. The SC has admitted this one but in recent times it has rejected pleas of terminating the pregnancy (abortion) of a mentally retarted girl resulting from sexual abuse and the plea of a mumbai couple for terminating a diseased fetus.

Euthanasia, sometimes known as "mercy-killing," is the intentional ending of a patient's life by a physician, usually by lethal injection.

Technically, "physician-assisted suicide" is different and refers to a physician providing a patient with the means for taking his or her own life.

Physician-assisted suicide and euthanasia are both illegal in most of the world including India, but both are legal in the Netherlands and in Colombia.

The links to the articles that follow do not attempt to provide any answers or opinions on the issues of euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide, but merely provide "the facts" about how these issues has been addressed by the world's major religions.

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