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Drug Free and Waiting To Go on More Drugs...

Posted Apr 04 2011 12:51pm
Today is my first day without Strattera in my brain and blood for nearly 10 months. This way, I'll be able to go on Vyvanse (hopefully quickly) and be able to discern effectiveness without any conflicts due to another medication. I am very hopeful for this change.

Last week as I was coming off the medication, I have found myself excessively chatty (still happening). I noticed people 'casually' looking at their clocks or even saying "Well, I have some things I have to do now..." as my conversations ran on and on. My conversational skills are surprisingly interesting to me. No matter what others think.

Plus I have been quite fidgety. My right leg shakes up and down almost non stop. I should take up playing the spoons. Shaky shaky shaky. I shift in my chair a lot. I walk about during breaks to help me clarify next steps - which is a deliberate attempt to make explicit some working memory improvement techniques I am trying. I think it helps. I talk to myself quietly - "Okay, I must do X, Y and then Z..." and get it straight in my head before launching into a frenzy of productive energy. Were I not to plan it out, I'd likely launch into a frenzy of frenetic, unguided, unproductive activity...

Tomorrow I'm going to my family doctor to follow up on the psych consult I had recently, where the psychiatrist concluded that I should come off of Strattera and go onto Vyvanse. I have become inured to the fact that delays in my medical treatment will likely keep on happening. Heck, it has taken me 40 years to find out I have ADHD, so what's another few years?

Official prediction: I will go to my family doctor's office tomorrow and he will insist that I take a panoply of tests prior to getting the prescription (despite having had heart and blood tests for Strattera just 10 months ago). This will inevitably lead to a delay, and I won't get the Vyvanse prescription until a period in time when everyone will have their own private flying car, when all you will need to eat in a day is a single condensed pill with a glass of synthetic orange juice, and robots will have replaced the need for us to work.

I would rather lower my expectations and be surprised (i.e. get a prescription for Vyvanse immediately following my appointment tomorrow), than have high expectations and be disappointed, despite the fact that I oughtta know better by now.

I hope I'm wrong.



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