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Dopamine, Good Deeds & ADD

Posted Jan 25 2011 8:28am

For an ADD’er, the brain needs dopamine, increased levels in fact. Some don’t produce enough, others just need more. As a result, this dopamine an ADD’er needs provides emotional levity, the ability to focus, mental alertness and calmness……very important for folks with ADD.

Did you know happiness and the emotions associated with doing a good deed creates an emotional reaction in our bodies and brain, which increases the production of dopamine. It’s true. We could reinvent the entire process of charity and community support here, maybe promote if from the “it helps you” position? Maybe not, but it would make for some fun advertising.

So, what good deed are you going to do today? How are you going to help someone? Can you give something of yourself to someone else? The acts of kindness, caring and help can make a difference in others lives. However, they can also have a good impact an ADD’er who conjures up these happy emotions when they do good for others. That dopamine is powerful, and it’s just what the ADD brain needs! How are you going to get those happy emotions going today?

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