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Document Scanning Services for Businesses and NonProfits

Posted Dec 20 2008 7:16pm

If your company is like most, it’s buried in paperwork.  That paperwork need to be stored, filed, sorted and maintained constantly to be of any use at all to your employees, customers or clients.  You likely have one person who’s sole responsibility is maintaining this mountain of paperwork and coordinating with other employees when files need to be brought out of archives or placed into permanent storage.  Added into this is that the more successful your company becomes, more paperwork is generated, making it more difficult and time consuming to retrieve and file those documents when needed.

Electronic document scanning could significantly reduce the amount of time, space and efficiency of your staff and organization in general.  There is no longer a need for large storage areas.  A single server or set of file servers can now handle all but the most recent of your files and documents.  These can then be printed on demand when necessary and looked up by any member of your company as needed, without the need for a dedicated receptionist or file clerk.  Other benefits of document scanning include the ability to easily store backup copies of important documents at a safe location on DVD, CD or tape backup systems that can easily be ercovered in case of some mishap that would otherwise be extremely expensive to recover from.

Any company or Non Profit group that deals with large amounts of paperwork can benefit from systems of this nature.  Shouldn’t yours be one of them?

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