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Do Schools Kill Creativity? Ken Robinson Makes A Good Point…

Posted Jan 10 2012 12:24pm

When I first came across this video on Facebook today, I was watching it because a friend asked a question.  Little did I know that what Ken Robinson would be speaking about would have me jumping up and down, on the edge of my seat, and cheering for more.

This is simply brilliant.

It starts off about the economy and our education system.  Ok…I was curious.  But then at the 4:30 mark, my ears perked up as I heard Ken Robinson speak about ADHD and the epiedmic, or rather the “NOT  an epidemic” of ADHD.

That’s when things got REALLY good, and I knew I would have to share this with you.

This is NOT about politics.

This is NOT just  about the economy.

This is NOT just about our education system.

This is NOT just about ADHD.

It’s about the big picture.  This is about life and where we are headed.  This is what I have been talking about when it comes to seeing a child with ADHD for more than just the diagnosis.  This is about how we can support a child with ADHD…heck, any child…  We need to focus more on the big picture and societal shifts and trends than we do the micro of ADHD symptoms and diagnosis.

Watch this video, and let me know what you think (in the comments below):

  • How did it make you feel?
  • What was your gut reaction?

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