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do not always complain about the fate not good cheap nike shox enough

Posted Dec 28 2012 7:11am
Migrant workers who are our friends, when they encounter difficulties, we are duty-bound to lent a helping hand. Business owners who are sympathetic to the mood of the workers, the distributable profits in the Spring Festival, is the large high literary activities, they are no longer alone in this cold winter festival, reduce their homelessness. The workers repair circuit hesitate toil, sacrifice their own time to rest, is to let the people have access to electricity. Gesture of their cheap asics shoes goddess of victory in the air across, he "Fallen flowers identity fall, all of this is how the sacred, with a smile, they are the angels of God. There are lovely PLA, their action interpretation of the responsibilities and obligations as a soldier, their spirit impressed me silently. Everything came so natural, and how people moving.

If you can morph, I will be is a the psychic little witch. Get rid of all the bad things of the world are the people away from the pain. But I'm not, so I had to the best of their ability to help people who need help. Reduce disaster brought to their pain, in order to better understand their environment, I have decided to participate in the Yangshan offer Journey of Love ". Feelings that happen in our side of the story, and pour their voices. Interpretation of volunteers, members have the responsibility. Learn to be grateful, do not always complain about the fate not good cheap nike shox enough, get enough, rich enough substance, always compare yourself to others, angrily rich and spiritually poor in others, others to be happy with their own sadness, the happiness of others, her loneliness. May really not too little, but we got our hearts more and more satisfied. As long as we will always remember with a grateful heart to live, you will find the beauty of life, the beauty of the world, you will always be happy to live in the truth of the sunshine.
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