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desean jackson eagles jersey34

Posted Jun 14 2012 6:35am
Late in the summer, three months of the season, take away the butterfly, faded flowers, butterflies in the flowers before xie is sad? Or flowers in the butterfly left sad? I don't know...... I want to ask you, but you have already left me may be forever left... Think of our past, I didn't know the answer to this question-not butterfly on the flowers before sad also had not spend in the butterfly left sad, but butterfly flowers for x sad when it was for the butterfly in left and the sad. The earth won't stop because less who forgot to turn, who won't leave because of who may not be living. This life I wayward hurt you, if there is next life I must not to go to college degree don't, as long as you find... I go, I'm sorry... This text messages in my cellular phone saved for 3 years, and for three years, 1095 day and night thoughts were pulled for very long, three years ago love three years later I what to festivals, tears don't hide your face, we love to the grave I said: I believe, I believe that love will rebirth, like butterfly and flowers in every summer in will meet again met in secret rendezvous in, but we love life place not like the earth goes round the sun once a year, maybe like Jupiter revolves around the sun in 4500 days, perhaps to the solar system to once again, maybe that's where we love time beat, as long as you can get back me desean jackson eagles jersey waiting on, even if the solid, even if one thousand in ten thousand to years and six years in summer, you and I met in wuhu, who know each other in wuhu, love in wuhu remember at that time, I in wuhu has been quick to stay not bottom go to, for there I don't know what is time what is happiness, all the day walking the body is the bow, so head, it is the epitome of crescent. And my age you was just graduated from university, and a face of silly childishness, a word of mouth sometimes careless, so of two people in a company with work, dormitory and only remember we know of one wall lie between, the second day of the you said to me, what do you like photos hang a wall up of fast? How do not point of spirit? Perhaps then I to you like an alien, your curiosity down you to a stranger due shy. I laughed, and at that moment I just know that smile can bring touched of consciousness. Maybe you just silly curious, maybe you just expect concerns, indeed, let frustrated I wake up gradually, slowly find this some live just started to phase in the days of the touch I help you a lot of busy, true don't know you this company clerk in the school used a computer didn't, even the PDF files can't open, even the world 2003 won't use, even the disk C memory didn't all don't know where to go to delete some things. The one I taught you, you of the intelligence quotient also didn't live up to what I kept helped you many I also said you many, say you walk careless, say you eat of position, saying you won't dress up...... Remember because I so you, when you send me the message say don't want to leave me. I know, for a just left school to enter the society girl these words will hurt her self-respect, I also do a deep after wake up against, and that he should not be the words so hard. ­ remember that you said ignored me of that day of, I in the left hand ring finger was equipment equipment crowded hurt, leave the company at the time, most of the people know, on the way to hospital for mobile phone received your information and asked my blood stopped? Ask me to a hospital? Q I painful not painful? ...... Clearly said ignore I...... That day you don't know that I'm in hospital toilet because you shed tears for you because the filar silk, of course more because you regret to touch. Remember that night after return, you hold me injured hand blow the wound, return in mouth foolishly, and said, my mother said, blow a blow not so painful. At that moment I know my heart beat the expulsion of the blood with your taste, love can't afford to move care, so my love for you to surrender, willingly. I said to apologize you to go to eat ice cream, you promised, when you smile of stupid I do feel that smile very warm, came to the supermarket to buy ice cream, two people walk on the way back to the office also to 1 in now it seems that it should be very emotional appeal. Not because the night I ­ courage I just brought the your hand, because my heart said to me to protect you will give you happiness. Remember I asked why do you give me your hand when you answer: I just appreciate what all can't, if... If not you taught me so much, I don't know what will be the boss called into what look like, although sometimes...... Sometimes...... Sometimes the words you say is not too good to listen but say to my to I also seem harmless, well, I am very touched, hey heyListen to the words I had to find the individual topic at this time to solve the embarrassment of two people, after all, is the first time in hand, I ask you, how tall you are, you answer very agile: six meters lands. I said that you death I give you the statue of plastic from that day on we and other couple's life, the evening walk hand in hand, occasionally embrace, holiday shopping and you to the point of my joke, all of this is that the public is also very romantic. Fireworks because in bloomed the moment so brilliant, so destined not to long; Shooting stars because flashed across the sky of that for an instant is so brilliant, so to flit; We love perhaps development too fast, so people want to leave and six years to late summer or early autumn, you say your father in suzhou to you for a job that allow you to the past, I'm not willing to give up, but I choose to respect your decision. Finally you still go, I know you don't want to walk, don't want to get me a people throw in here, but the other side is your relatives, plus you just graduation soon to the family member may rely on more than rely on me a lot, however, you said'll always love me, no matter where I'll think of me, I will promise to the next year to suzhou looking for you, also in the work, we agreed with each other mobile phone every ten at night to say good night. After you left that night I look desean jackson authentic jersey at you in the space of the reprinted the humor, but this time I didn't laugh, but cry... After most of the time we were with QQ continued our love and six years December 20, you broke our agreement, that day ten at night I don't hear from you of good night, and from that day on I can no longer see you log on QQ, never to see I have you in space the footprint of the telephone you also is shut down, I went to the place where you work in suzhou, they said you body uncomfortable to go home, I only know your home in anqing and where to find me up, because working reason I soon returned to wuhu, wait for you surf the Internet every day, every night the agreed good night, just like that, etc. In the early zero 7 or do not wait until, hit you phone also about all this into a dumb down isn't too suddenly? All this is has been arranged? Think, think I god but always tired tired force found no want to answer. That a life really down and out I returned to his home in shandong to go anywhere without again after work, in the home one Internet search for your trace, nothing to write the book, because be press value entity published a book "xiao yu LingEr" make a lot of money, I also remember that the preface of the book was written you leave me feel in birds in disc worm sound bees, on the dew dye spoilt pinglan alone, not hide the river very sad. No words you need ears of rondo, your gentle also slowly go away in my five fingers between, the heart; the bosom of the moment and leave blank, don't we heart line has broken? ­ 
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