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Dancing Princesses

Posted Apr 08 2010 10:37pm

My two little girls both are in dance class and love it. This is a class of 3, 4 & 5 year olds and it is so fun to watch. Last class the girls received their recital costumes and all needed to try them on! Their class is wearing Cinderella type dresses, so as you could imagine the little princesses were bouncing with excitement. We also have one little boy in our class and he is our Robin Hood! So as I prepare myself for this what I know will be a fun but challenging event. The drama starts with My Hannah who is my ADHD child with some sensory issues. She has an issue with anything that touches her “privacy” as we like to call it!   This is already an issue getting her to wear the stockings and leotard to class with her undies that are 2 sizes to big. No matter how much I explain to her it would be much better if she would not wear her undies it does not help… She must wear them and this is not a battle I feel is worth fighting.   So onto getting the costumes on, this should be done quickly. LOL My little one Molly is so excited she can’t get her close changed fast enough. She is getting upset due to Hannah having issues getting her undies to feel good. Now mom is getting overwhelmed and Molly gets her costume on and is twirling around and having fun. Hannah is now crying because her undies are bothering her and I can't fix it!!! No matter what I do it just doesn't help. This is when I feel so bad you can see in her little eyes how miserable she is, and cannot enjoy this, what should be a fun time…  


The dance teacher explains what will be expected from the class. After her brief explanation she allows the kids practice their routine in the costumes. As I look around the class at all the little girls and boy dancing. I then notice a little girl picking her nose and my Hannah trying so hard not to cry but, with her hands up her costume trying to fix her undies. Then I think to myself and laugh what more can you expect from little ones. Now should I be happy Hannah is not picking her nose or should I be upset she is pulling on her undies???
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