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Dana Pierce Shares A Peek Inside the Wonderful Arena

Posted Jun 24 2011 1:34pm
Painting has lots of styles and forms of expression as there are colors in the world at louboutin 2011. Everything from the surface you paint on to the variety of brush you choose to the pressure and way you apply paint to canvas, wood or paper offers an impact on the final painting. As an art form, painting is well known and goes back to olden days. The fact is, the earliest known paintings are thought to be 32,000 years old and are at the Grotte Chauvet in France. The first known evidence of painting was located in two rock shelters in Northern Australia and they are believed to be 60,000 years old. Painting has existed for almost as long as the human race and digital revolution or no digital revolution - it is not going anywhere soon.  

The majority of what the world acknowledges to be amazing art or great paintings come from Western cultures. This isn't because the painting of these cultures is superior to Eastern cultures but is due to the simple fact that until Modern days, Eastern and Western cultures didn’t ordinarily intersect. Today museum curators and art historians study art and painting on a global basis. They're no longer restricted to what is occurring in their country alone, or their continent alone. This is also demonstrated in culture as well as the globalization we’ve seen occurring over the past 20 or so years. Painting, like art, represents the painter along with the culture whereby it is present. In the western cultures oil painting and watercolors have a long tradition and intricate styles and subject matters. In eastern cultures, ink paintings have historically been the dominating art form by Christian Louboutin Platforms.  

Photography has brought an essential effect on painting. Well before photography, paintings were just as much an archive of society, or of the family who commissioned portraits to memorialize distinctive events as they were art. As photography has become more advanced, paintings have lost certain of their historical purpose of rendering a record of the world. In the 20th century, art trends became a lot more innovative and less traditional. This tends to primarily observed in the paintings of the Cubist and Dadaist movements. Review the works of Picasso and Salvador Dali to DaVinci and Renoir and you don’t see many similarities, apart from in that they both make use of paints. One set of painters utilized the abstract system well-known in their society while the other set used the realism well-known in their period of time.
As society has developed and we’ve seen a combining of art and technology so too has the focus of paintings and their culturally meaning shifted. There will be less value placed on technical potential and realism and more importance put on concept. Progression of culture and the advent of digital photography also have an important effect on painting that Louboutin sale, artists and the art world alike.
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